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Reserves Policy

Before materials can be placed on reserve, the Department requires signed copies of the appropriate policy.

You will be notified if any of the materials submitted pose a copyright issue. All faculty and student authored materials must be accompanied by a signed release form.

  • Faculty Intellectual Property Release Form
  • Student Intellectual Property Release Form

Professors may submit up to fifty (50) course reserve items per course. Reserve materials must be submitted to the Library within the first week of the semester they are to be used, and should be arranged with a minimum of 72 hours preceding the assignment.

The checkout period for items placed on print reserve will normally be 2 hours for use in the library only. However, faculty members can specify either 24 hour, 72 hour, or 1 week checkout periods. Items with longer checkout periods can normally leave the building.

Personal copies will be accepted for reserve with the stipulation that the University Library cannot assume responsibility for damage or loss. All personal copies/materials must be picked up at the circulation desk at the end of the academic year.

Items to be placed on electronic reserve should be submitted preferably via e-mail to Reserves Staff. Please note if materials can be found via a library subscription database. All file types are supported.

Audiovisual materials may be placed on reserve for student viewing in the library. The checkout period may be extended over two hours at the faculty member's discretion.

The University Library does not retrieve and photocopy materials to be placed on reserve.

Professors are responsible for providing their students with the password to electronic course reserves.

Electronic reserve course sites will be archived on the last day of final exams of that semester. If a student has an incomplete, the professor must notify circulation staff in advance not to archive the site.

All materials will be removed from reserve at the end of the academic semester. There is no permanent reserve. Only materials that are in the public domain will be added after the first two weeks of a semester. See the document, "When Works Pass Into the Public Domain in the United States: Copyright Term for Archivists."

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Spring 2022 Registration is Open

To register for Spring 2022 courses, students will need to meet with their academic success coach or faculty mentor, submit proof of vaccination or exemption, and self-register through Banner.

Registration Requirements

Submit Proof of Vaccination or Exemption

CARES Funding

Student wearing face mask

CARES Funding is available for eligible students to help pay for cost of attendance needs such as food, housing, childcare, health care, course materials, technology, tuition assistance, and other critical needs.

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