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Institutional Research and Analysis


Institutional Research and Analysis serves as the official source of institutional information. It is the mission of this office to define, collect, analyze, maintain and disseminate official institutional data. Survey data analysis and presentation is available through this office. Survey and official record data are used to make policy and management decisions for campus academic units, administrative units, and students. 

Role and Support

This unit provides official institutional information to both internal and external constituents for the purposes of describing, documenting, and publishing institutional information and measures of effectiveness. 


  • Creating and maintaining internal and website dashboards of aggregate data.
  • Assisting with requests for Registrar's office or other data for regular business functions of campus departments.
  • Providing specific IR data reports for employee research or custom uses, etc.



  • Information will be provided in alignment with IR best practice, so some data may not be provided.
  • Some data requests may be governed by CORA (Colorado Open Records Act) which must be submitted to the Provost Office for review by the Office of General Counsel following Colorado Open Records policy.

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Institutional Research and Analysis

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