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Marketing, Communications & Community Relations

Our department serves as partners with the university’s academic and administrative departments to increase awareness and enrollment within programs and by providing enhanced opportunities to increase recruitment and marketing for your program. 

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University Branding

While each person’s and department’s role is different, we all have the privilege and the responsibility of being caretakers of a very precious commodity: the CSU Pueblo brand.  

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Locations of Approved Flyers and Posters

Flyers/Posters must get a Stamp of Approval through the Office of Marketing, Communications and Community Relations, ADM 320.

Preferred: Steps to approve a flyer that the department/campus group would like to make within their own department

  • Log into canva and use the templates, color pallet and design the flyer.
  • Share the flyer with Jeremiah Coca, who is on the marketing design team. The flyer will automatically go to him for approval if designed in Canva.
  • Jeremiah will offer feedback, correct any typos, and offer information on branding.
  • Once the final is approved, Jeremiah can digitally add the stamp.
  • Then departments /campus groups can upload the flyer through the copy center platform and print with the approval already completed and as many copies as they need.

Preferred: Steps to approve a flyer that a department/ campus group needs help creating

  • Fill out the intake form on the MCCR website at least two weeks prior to needing the flyer printed.
  • A MCCR staff member will contact them for a vision and creation meeting or discuss the needs via email.
  • Once the draft is created, the sample will be sent to the person who filled out the intake form.
  • Once agreed upon and approved by both parties, the approval stamp will be digitally added.
  • The department/campus group can upload the flyer through the copy center platform and print with the approval already completed and as many copies as they need.

Possible: Steps to approve a hard copy of a flyer or poster

  • Bring a draft print/out of the flyer to MCCR for notes and approval.
  • Make corrections.
  • Print a better copy for the flyer.
  • Stamp is added to the flyer.
  • Print off multiple copies from the one flyer.

What we want to avoid:

Flyers that have not been checked or approved, being printed multiple times and stamping each one.

Brand Guide

Building No. Copies Area
Sheriff's Office 1 Bulletin Board in front office
Student Recreation Center 1 Desk of the main office
Health, PE & Recreation 2 Main Hall Way East Hall Way
Resident Halls 40/6 Bulletin Boards in Resident Halls
Child Care Center 1 Parent Board Front Foyer
General Classroom Building 3 1 in Cafe, 1 on 2nd Floor, 1 on 3rd Floor
Art 2 Bulletin Board in front Art Department
Music 2 Bulletin Board in front of Music Department
Life Science 1 Sandwich Board
Chemistry 1 Strips Under Display Cases. Two on East side of each floor in Chemistry Building
Math/Physics 3 Glass Cases on East and West sides of the Building
Buell Communications Center 2 Visitor and Transfer Center
Technology 4 Bulletin Board 1st & 2nd floor foyer, Tripod 1st & 2nd floor foyer
Hasan School of Business 4 Strip North & South Hall Way
LARC 4 Bulletin Board 2nd floor East Hall
Psychology 4 Bulletin Board 1st floor East Hall
Total 75/41 -


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Marketing, Communications & Community Relations

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