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Strategic Plan

April 2015

To the University Community,

We have finalized the 2015-2020 strategic plan after receiving input during open meetings with faculty and staff that included team-building exercises. Building on the work of the original Strategic Planning Task Force and taking into account all of your feedback, the Strategic Plan Implementation Team prioritized the goals, objectives, and strategies from the November 7, 2013 draft and created a final plan that I approved on November 7, 2014. That document is now available in the I:\University Common\ Strategic Plan 2015-2020 folder.

You'll notice as you read through the plan that it contains many measurable objectives. Many of these measures still need to be further defined; for some we have baseline data while others still lack baseline data and all need to have 2020 targets defined. The implementation team is currently engaged in the process of identifying these and we will be working with different areas on campus, including many of you, to fill in all x and y values.

I want to reaffirm that this is meant to be a working document. As we work with you to define the baseline data points and establish appropriate targets, if the measures themselves or the strategies need refining, we will do so. Throughout the life of the plan, the implementation team will be reporting back to you the campus's progress in meeting all the measurable objectives in the plan. If progress is not meeting expectations, we'll need to work collaboratively to refine strategies as needed.

Another important point about the plan is that the strategies listed are "selected" strategies. We fully expect that other initiatives at the university or program level will also help the university to achieve the stated goals and objectives. As you develop and implement your unit's own strategic plans, please articulate how these contribute to goals, objectives, or particular strategies included in the plan.

Please feel free to let the Implementation Team know your thoughts about the plan. We are very open to input and we look forward to working with you to develop the dashboard, define the measures, and further develop the strategies.


Dr. Rick Kreminski (Executive Director of Research and Sponsored Programs) and
Rhonda Gonzales (Dean of Library Services)
Co-Chairs Strategic Plan and Implementation Team

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