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Vision 2028

Over the next 10 years, Colorado State University-Pueblo will reimagine higher education across the Southwest United States, in our region, for our community, and on our Pueblo campus.

We believe that a university for the people must be inclusive, accessible, and affordable, and we remain steadfast in our determination to offer any interested student the opportunity to earn a university degree. Our goal will be to equip our students – and ourselves – no longer with disciplinary knowledge alone, but with problem solving skills and hands-on experiences that will allow our graduates to make significant contributions to their families, their communities, and their work. Our graduates will be prepared and responsible for defining their own lives and for building a sustainable and bright future for all of us.

There is much work ahead for CSU-Pueblo.

In order to serve students, empower our educators, and elevate our community, we must be dedicated to change. This change will not come without sacrifice and will demand creativity and collaboration from all of us. There is hard work in front of us, but at CSU-Pueblo, we are not afraid of hard work.

Indeed, work is our heritage in Pueblo and on our campus.

As an integral part of the Colorado State University System, we must take a lead in helping the state of Colorado serve its citizens and begin to close the attainment gap for our first generation, minority students — the fastest growing population in the state.

Indeed, while we are a Hispanic Serving Institution, we are not satisfied with a designation in name or demographic only. We understand that the road ahead must move our campus, our community, our students — and their families — forward.

Our values reflect a respect for our histories and our people. Our next bold step will be to create new academic opportunities that allow students to become innovators, economic entrepreneurs, and well-educated, involved global citizens.

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