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Membership and Guest Services

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When you purchase a membership with you are getting more than just a place to exercise. You are also getting a whole community of people like you, people who want a place that they can call their own and find every convenience all in one place.

Whether you’re a dedicated lap swimmer, a regular in our fitness classes, or are just starting your wellness journey with us, ThunderWolf Rec is determined to make sure you feel comfortable going about your daily routine. We strive to provide programs and services where members can learn, grow, and thrive.

ThunderWolf Rec also strives to keep the membership rates as low as possible, working hard to be good stewards of your money and spend those dollars in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. All other businesses, including the Rec, are experiencing stricter economic situations, finding it increasingly difficult to keep pace with the ever-rising cost of operations, inflations and the minimum wage increases.

To maintain our commitment to the high quality of services you deserve, we have found it necessary to implement a minimal rate adjustment on our membership categories and per-visit options. While the adjustment is considered minimal, we certainly understand that on limited budgets, any increase could be impactful.

ThunderWolf Recreation’s new membership rates (EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2023) will be as follows:
Membership type:                    (NEW) Monthly Amount                    (NEW) Annual Amount (paid in full):

CSU Pueblo Alumni:                  $45                                                 $495
Community Member:                $55                                                 $605
ThunderWolf Express:               $43                                                 $473
Sponsored Household Adult:      $25                                                 $275

Per Visit Options:
Day Membership                       $8
10-Visit Pass                             $60
20-Visit Pass                             $120

You have the opportunity to "lock in" old rates by renewing or purchasing several months, up to one full year of membership, before July 1,2023!

Also, we will begin offering automatic monthly deductions for membership in June 2023 – if you sign up for this option anytime between now and June 30, 2023, you will locked in to existing rates for up to one full calendar year – but only be charged monthly through our automated system.

If you have questions or need additional information, please contact us: ThunderWolf Rec Main # 719-549-2085.


Posted May 18th, 2023


Membership Options


    Monthly and Annual Options

    Membership Type Terms & Conditions Current Rate Annual Rate
    Faculty/Staff/Retiree All active CSU-Pueblo F/S/R are eligible. Payroll Deduction available. One-month free when paid in full. $32/mo $352
    F/S/R Household Adult All paid F/S/R Rec Members can add a plus one (age 18+) member. Fees can be added to payroll deduction.  $25/mo $275
    F/S/R ThunderWold Express Express memberships limit access to M-F before noon & all access on weekends per posted hours. All active CSU-Pueblo F/S/R eligible. $24/mo $264
    Alumni/Affiliated All alumni of CSU-Pueblo are eligible. One-month free when paid in full. $45/mo $495
    Alumni Household Adult All paid Alumni Rec Members can add a plus one (age 18+) member. $25/mo $275
    Community Members All non-affiliated individuals (18+). One-month free when paid in full. $55/mo $605
    Community Household Adult All paid Community Rec Members can add a plus one (age 18+) member. $25/mo $275
    ThunderWolf Express Express limit access to M-F before noon & all access on weekends per posted hours. No affiliation to CSU-Pueblo required. One-month free when paid in full. $43/mo $473

    RecPack Scholarship Incentive

    The RecPack Scholarship Program provides support to a select number of recreation student staff as they pursue their academic excellence. 

    When Alumni ($50) and Community ($100) eligible members donate to the scholarship fund, the monthly membership rate is reduced to $32/month for the 12 months following the donation. The annual rate drops to only $352 when paid in full. That is a savings of over $100 for Alumni and over $160 for Community members!


    Student Membership

    All students registered for 6 or more on-campus credit hours (online courses do not count) in the fall and spring terms and 3 or more credit hours in the summer are automatically assessed the full Student Recreation Center Operations Fee by the university. Each semester has a separate fee and access coincides with the current semester’s enrollment. The Student Recreation Center Operations Fee allows students to use campus-based indoor and outdoor facilities as a self-service participant. More about mandatory student fees?

    • Summer 2023 access runs May 15-August 4, 2023.
    • Fall 2023 access runs August 7-December 22, 2023.
    • Spring 2024 access runs January 2-May 10, 2024.

    Students who are enrolled in fewer credit hours for automatic membership have the option to activate their access by adding the semester student fee which is currently $150.51 for fall or spring semesters or $75.25 for summer semester. This can be done by visiting the Rec through our Main Entrance and stopping by our Member & Guest Services Desk.

    Please note online courses do not count toward the total course credits required to be automatically billed. But remember, it is easy to have the fee added.

    Enrolled & active student Recreation Members may also add a partner/spouse for $25/month.

    Student Members under 18 must have parent/guardian complete access waiver - completed waivers can be sent via email to or submitted in person to the SRC Main Desk.

    Click for access to online waiver.


    Guest & Per Visit Memberships


    Guests may purchase a one-day membership for access the facility during any regular hours of operation, any day of the week, for a fee of $8/guest.

    1. All guests must be at least 18 years old.
    2. All guests must present a photo ID which displays a DOB.
    3. Guests must check at our south entrance (off Bartley & Rawlings).
    4. Guest are expected to abide by all posted rules and guidelines.
    5. Guest must sign risk & liability waiver upon entrance.


    Individuals may opt to purchase a 20 visit pass, allowing them to use all facilities, including: gym, pool, courts, and also attend fitness classes.

    Punch Pass: $120 for 20 visits

    1. Individuals must be at least 18 years old.
    2. Individuals must present a photo ID which displays a DOB when purchasing pass.
    3. Individual will be expected to present punch pass & photo ID with each access.
    4. Punch Pass expires 12 months from date of purchase, no refunds for unused accesses. 
    5. Per visit members are expected to abide by all posted rules and guidelines.
    6. A risk & liability waiver must be signed upon first access/at time of purchase.

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