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Member and Guest Guidelines


    General Guidelines

    A current and valid CSU Pueblo ID Card or Student Recreation Membership Card is required to enter the facility, regardless of what activity in which you are going to perform or participate. Presentation of IDs will also be required for participation in department services & programs including, but not limited to, Intramural Sports, Club Sports and Outdoor Pursuits (Please refer to specific programs and services
    for participant verification procedures).
    • If you forget your required ID, you may present another official form of photo ID at the Member & Guest Services desk. You are allowed two “courtesy passes” per semester for not having your ID with you upon attempted entry. Subsequent fees for not having your ID with you are $6 per occurrence. Lost department issued IDs must be reported and replaced at Auxiliary Services for a fee.
    • Individuals attempting to enter the Student Recreation Center using false identification will have the ID confiscated and will not be allowed access. IDs will be turned over to a department professional staff member. Both the individual using the false identification and owner of the ID will be suspended for a minimum of two weeks or as determined by the Student Recreation Department.
    The Student Recreation Center and other department facilities are designated for 18 and older participants at all times with the exception of designated youth programs & services. Individuals under the age of 18 must be accompanied and directly supervised by a responsible adult or staff member at all times.
    • The above age restrictions are not applicable to those under 18 who are enrolled and registered CSU-Pueblo student, however a facility access waiver must be signed by a legal parent or guardian to be allowed access.

    The Student Recreation Department is NOT responsible for any personal items left unattended and/or not secure in any facility. Personal items may be locked in day-use located in various areas of the facility as well as those rented for semester use in the main level men’s and women’s locker rooms.

    • Bags and personal clothing must be stored in cubbies or day lockers.

    No spitting on floors, walls, water fountains, rest room sinks, etc.

    Headphones are recommended in all spaces; however, music played through speakers is allowed in the basketball courts, but music shall not be unreasonably loud or offensive.

    All areas and equipment within the Student Recreation Center and other department facilities shall be used for their intended purposes only.

    Activity spaces are available for drop-in use when not reserved, with the exception of spaces that have specified hours and must be staffed for use such as fitness studio, climbing wall and aquatic center.

    It is requested that concerns about the facility or equipment be reported to the Student Recreation staff as soon as possible. This includes but are not limited to broken machines, nonfunctioning outlets, damage to spaces, etc.

    Certain activities are prohibited in the Student Recreation Center (and other department facilities)
    during general hours of operation without explicit permission from the Director of Student Recreation. The following provide examples of such activities; however, the Student Recreation professional staff reserve the right to ban any activity they deem unsafe.

    • No baseball/softball activities (bats and balls are not allowed).
    • No flying of electric or battery powered model planes or paper planes.
    • No wrestling, boxing, or related mixed martial arts activities.
    • No golf.
    • No skateboards, hoverboards, longboards, Heely shoes, scooters, bikes, cleats or rollerblades are permitted in the Student Recreation Center and other department facilities. A bicycle rack is available outside the main entrance of the Student Recreation Center. Owner’s responsibility to appropriately secure.
    • Hypoxic training is not permitted in the Student Recreation Center or other department facilities. This includes, but is not limited to, breath-hold training in the Aquatic Center and the use of oxygen deprivation masks. Blood flow restriction training is not permitted in the Student Recreation Center or other
      department facilities.
    • Bags or weighted vests cannot be worn while engaged in physical activity unless otherwise permitted for medical purposes.
    • Animals are not permitted in any Student Recreation facility:
      • In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, service animals are
        permitted in the Student Recreation Center – this excludes emotional support
        animals. Service animals should be registered with the Disability Resource and
        Support Center prior to visiting the facility.
      • It is encouraged to inform our staff of service animal so a notation can be put on
        file in our member management system.
      • In accordance with University sanction, the University Mascot and official Search
        and Rescue Dogs (including those in training) are allowed in the Student
        Recreation Center.

    Member and Guest Eligibility

    Membership is required for use CSU Pueblo Student Recreation’s facilities and programs. Membership
    privileges include use of all Student Recreation Center activity areas, public spaces, daily locker use,
    and group fitness classes. Membership also covers access and usage of Student Recreation Field.
    • CSU Pueblo Students registered for 6 or more on-campus credit hours (online /Extended Studiescourses do not count) in the fall and spring terms and 3 or more credit hours in the summer have access to use campus-based indoor and outdoor facilities as a self-service participant. Students who are enrolled in fewer credit hours for automatic membership have the option to activate their access by paying the semester fee.
    • CSU Pueblo Faculty & Staff are eligible to purchase a Student Recreation membership.
    • CSU Pueblo Degree Granted Alumni, CSU Pueblo Official University Retirees, CSU Pueblo ROTC, CSU Pueblo Global Students, CSU Pueblo Visiting Scholars, and CSU Pueblo Alumni Association Lifetime Members are eligible to purchase an Affiliate Membership at the Member & Guest Services Desk. This process can take up to 3 business days for affiliation verification.
    • Pueblo area community members over the age of 18 are also eligible to purchase a membership for the Student Recreation Center.
    • All of the above eligible member types can purchase daily guest membership or a punch pass, if a short term access option is preferred.
    • Individuals must present one of the following forms of identification when purchasing a Student Recreation Membership or Guest Pass: official/valid CSU-Pueblo ID Card, valid State Driver’s License, valid State ID card, current Passport, or USA Military ID.

    Sponsored Memberships: Spouse/Partner/Dependent 

    • An active Student, Staff, Faculty, Alumni/Affiliate or Community member can sponsor their partner/spouse or any additional 18+ dependent to purchase a Student Recreation membership.
    • Active member must accompany their sponsored member(s) for initial set-up and purchase of membership. State issue IDs with matching addresses or a common bill/piece of mail with both names on it must be present to verify members reside within the same household.
    • Sponsoring member must be active as a requirement for the spouse/partner/dependent to use the Student Recreation Center without sponsor’s accompaniment.
    • The sponsoring member assumes responsibility and actions of sponsored member(s).
    • Expiration of membership is concurrent with sponsoring member and shall be terminated if sponsoring member is no longer active.
    • It is the responsibility of the sponsoring member to inform Student Recreation if relationship with spouse/partner has terminated.

    Personal Care Assistants (PCA) are eligible to access the Student Recreation Center in order to aid
    someone in their workout.

    • The Personal Care Assistant will be required to sign a Student Recreation Waiver, Membership Form, and have their picture taken for a Student Recreation Volunteer ID Card.
    • PCAs can access the Student Recreation Center only during times accompanying the individual needing assistance, remaining with the individual needing assistance.
    • PCAs can attend various events and programs offered by the Student Recreation to assist those in need.
    • PCAs are not allowed to work out or use the facility for their own benefit, a PCA does have the option to purchase a membership to be able to use the facility.
    • Please contact the Assistant Director of Facilities to arrange for a PCA.

    Daily Guest Membership

    • The Student Recreation Center invites guests, 18 years of age or older, to sponsor themselves for a daily fee of $6, with a valid state issued ID.
    • Guest membership privileges include use of Student Recreation Center activity areas, daily locker use, and participation in group fitness classes.
    • The guest pass is valid for only the date of purchase, regardless of time purchased.
    • Guests are required to sign in and pay at Member & Guest Services Desk prior to entrance to the activity areas.
    • Guest members are expected to abide by all rules and guidelines as any long-term member.
    • Violations of any rules or guidelines could result in dismissal from the Student Recreation Center without refund of daily fee.

    Family and Youth Access


    • Student Recreation member (18 years or older) may sponsor their spouse/partner and up to four youths, age 17 years and under, into the Student Recreation Center during designated family & youth hours. Family members over 18 years of age $6, 17- 2 years of age $2/child, under 2 years
      of age there is no charge.
    • Spouse/partners and children 16 years of age and older must show a valid photo ID for every entry.
    • Adult sponsor must be parent/legal guardian of youths or be an authorized guardian who has consent from parent/legal guardian to legally sign waiver.
    • Adult sponsor must remain in facility with family participants during family & youth programs.
    • Children under 16 years of age must be under the direct supervision of parent/guardian at all times.
    • Adult sponsor must be accessible in the facility to supervise and advise on medical treatment for youths age 17 years and under.
    • Sponsor is required to register (and pay if applicable) guests and dependents at the Members and Guest Services desk.
    • Age restrictions related to area participation can be found under area guidelines beginning on page 20.
    • Youth under the age of 10 may use the same locker room as their parent/guardian regardless of binary gender.

    Access/Entrance/Exit to Facility

    • Although the Student Recreation Center operates multiple entrances, our main entrance is located on the south side of the facility and is open during all posted hours of operations – this is the preferred entrance for all members and guests. Last admission is always 15 minutes before closing (doors lock 15 minutes prior to closing time). The back gate (located near the racquetball courts) shall open once programming in the Aquatic Center commence or at 7:45AM when classes are in session. The gate shall close once programming in the Aquatic Center and rock climbing wall ends per the posted schedule.
    • Entrance to the facility requires the use of CSU Pueblo ID Card or Student Recreation Membership Card to authenticate/validate eligibility for access of Student Recreation Center and use of services & programs. Cards are non-transferable and are to be used exclusively by the individual named and pictured on the ID. Student Recreation staff reserves the right to check for identification at any time.
    • Entry and exit of the facility must always be through the designated doors. Individuals who enter or exit through non-designated doors are subject to disciplinary action.
    • The building is not designated for pass-through use, individuals seeking access to classrooms and/or Massari Arena will be required to check-in with CSU Pueblo ID or be asked to walk around if they do not have membership/access to the Student Recreation Center.

    Accident/Injuries and Damages

    • Members and guests of the Student Recreation Center and other facilities assume the liability and agree to pay for any damages that occur as a result of misuse or damage other than normal wear and tear.
    • Please contact a member of the Student Recreation staff should an accident/injury occur so that the appropriate safety measures will be taken.
    • The staff member who is contacted about the incident/injury must fill out an incident report and notify the correct personnel of the incident.

    Alcohol, Tobacco, and Other Drugs

    Colorado State University Pueblo is a substance & tobacco-free campus. Use of drugs - including marijuana and alcohol are not permitted at the Student Recreation facilities or program venues. Additionally, all tobacco (including smokeless and vapor) products are prohibited.
    Participants or attendees identified as impaired will be removed from Student Recreation facilities or program activities. Violation of this guideline may also result in further disciplinary action beyond the department level.

    Appropriate Attire and Footwear

    For the safety and sanitation in maintaining a healthy and positive recreation environment, participants are required to wear appropriate clothing that cover private body parts. Wearing a top is highly recommended when performing exercise while in contact with mats or vinyl. Jeans, zippers, belts, snaps, metal studs, and other materials on clothing that may damage equipment, upholstery, or flooring are not permitted.

    Closed toe, closed heel, non-marking athletic shoes required.

    Staff reserves the right to determine the acceptability of all attire and their decision on the matter will be final.


    Cell Phones and Personal Electronic Devices

    • The use of cell phones and other mobile devices with recording capabilities, including voice recording, still cameras and video cameras, are not permitted to be used in restrooms and/or locker rooms. If phones or other mobile devices must be used, they should be taken outside of the locker room.
    • The use of cell phones and other mobile devices are allowed in public spaces. However, out of respect to other members and guests, please limit use and keep at a low volume. The use of the speaker phone function is discouraged.

    Food and Beverages

    • Non-glass, sealable containers are permitted in the Student Recreation Center. Student Recreation staff will determine if containers meet acceptable standards.
    • Food is not permitted in the Student Recreation Center activity areas and locker rooms.
      • Food is permitted in the Student Recreation Center lobby, and in meeting rooms with prior approval.
    • Vending machines are located near the basketball courts in the main corridor.
      • Student Recreation Center is unable to provide change or refunds for any reason.
      • These machines are not the property of the Student Recreation Center, therefore we are unable to rectify malfunctions with the machine.

    Lost and Found

    • Student Recreation is not responsible for lost, damaged, or stolen personal articles. Do not leave valuables such as jewelry, wallets, electronic devices, IDS, keys, or credit cards unsecured. Individuals should report stolen items to the Student Recreation staff or the CSU Pueblo Sheriff Office.
    • Information regarding participants’ lost and found items must be made in person (not over the phone orvia another person) at the Member and Guest services desk at the Student Recreation Center.
      • Lost and found items during department programs will be brought to the Member and Guest Services desk daily.
    • Personal toiletry items such as cleansing products, hair care products, razors, wash cloths, etc. are disposed of immediately due to sanitary health reasons.
    • CSU Pueblo ID Cards found in the Student Recreation Center or other department facilities are retained at the Member & Guest services desk and then returned to the Auxiliary Services Office on a weekly basis by 3PM on Fridays.
    • Residence Hall keys and University keys are retained at the Member & Guest services desk and then returned to the CSU Pueblo Sheriff Office on a weekly basis by 3PM on Fridays.
    • Personal items of value, such as electronic devices, wallets, keys, credit cards, jewelry, etc. are secured at the Member and Guest services desk in the Student Recreation Center. Unclaimed valuables are turned over to CSU Pueblo Sheriff Office on a weekly basis by 3PM on Fridays.
    • Items such as bags, clothing, footwear, sports gear, water bottles, etc. are held for a minimum of two weeks and then donated to local charities.

    Media including Photography/Videotaping and Interviews

    • The Student Recreation Center and all program venues are considered private space out of care and respect for the personal privacy of members and guests. Therefore, photography and videography is strictly prohibited by non-Student Recreation Staff.
    • Requests to film or photograph within applicable spaces must be sent to the Director of Student Recreation via email at least 2 business days in advance. Photography requests for the Aquatic Center are granted on an extremely limited basis and, due to this limitation, requests must be made 10 business days in advance.
    • Filming or photography for class projects, group practices, newspapers, articles, and all other media must have an approved media pass.
    • Once approved by the Director of Student Recreation, all persons obtaining photos, videos, or other forms of media within applicable spaces will be given a media pass. This pass must be plainly
      displayed during the entirety of the photo/video shoots. Persons without an approved media pass will be asked to cease the activity, and must contact the Director of Student Recreation for permission to
      resume the activity for approved media purposes.
    • All photography/videotaping must be done using care and respect for the personal privacy of members and guests. If participants may be identified in any shot, their explicit permission must be obtained.
      Participants have a right to decline being in any shot.
    • Photography/videotaping is expressly prohibited in the locker rooms and restrooms.
    • Participants may not use the Student Recreation Center or other program venues for any photography or videography of a promotional nature that benefits a business or company, unless explicit permission has been granted by the Director of Student Recreation. This includes “selfies”, photoshoots, workout videos, or other media that may be posted to a company’s social media accounts, websites, or other
      promotional material.
      • Members’ and/or guests’ cell phones may be used to take photos or videos of themselves or
        friends working out within the facility and must remain for personal use only.
      • Photography of other guests without their explicit permission is strictly prohibited. Guests taking
        photos or videos with their cell phone for personal use must not interrupt or cause any nuisance to
      • In the event that Student Recreation staff suspect a guest is abusing the cell phone privilege, they will be asked to put their phone away or leave the Student Recreation Center if they continue to violate the guideline.
    • All requests for media interviews and photography/videos of Student Recreation programs, the Student Recreation Center facilities, and/or participants for commercial or academic media must be made in advance. This may be done via email to the Director of Student Recreation. All other media requests should be directed to the CSU Pueblo Central Marketing Office (719) 549- 2576.
    • Marketing promotions by Student Recreation suggesting use of camera/video on personal devices is allowable but individuals must do so using extreme care and respect for the personal privacy of other
      members and guests.

    Payment Methods and Refunds

    Student Recreation accepts the following payment methods for all services & programs:
    • Cash (bills larger than a $20 are not accepted)
    • Credit/Debit: Visa, MasterCard and Discover
    • Personal check with proper ID (Drivers Licenses or State ID Card).
    • Payroll Deduction for eligible CSU Pueblo faculty & staff for membership
    Refund requests may be made at the Member and Guest Services desk and are reviewed by Student
    Recreation staff.
    • Requests are not guaranteed and may need to be further reviewed by the Accounts Receivable Department.
    • If the refund request is denied, an explanation as to why it was denied will be provided.
    • For purchases made by card, cash or check, established University procedures are followed-which may take up to two weeks for the refund to be processed.
    • Cash refunds are not permitted by University accounting policy.
    • Programs that are canceled due to low enrollment or weather will receive a full refund.

    Sales, Solicitations, Research and Advertising

    Sales and Solicitations
    • Use of Student Recreation facilities for personal gain violates University policy relating to facilities, services, or solicitations, and is prohibited at all program venues.
    • Personal training or private instruction at the Student Recreation Center is restricted to those individuals who are specifically employed by Student Recreation for this purpose.
    • Violators may be subject to dismissal and/or suspension for the Student Recreation Center.
    Research and Testing
    • With Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval, research and testing for academic reasons in the Student Recreation Center is permitted with prior approval from the Student Recreation Director.
    • Requests to conduct research within the Student Recreation Center must be sent to the Director of Student Recreation via email at least 2 weeks in advance.
    Advertising and Postings
    • Student Recreation allows advanced-reservation advertising in designated spaces throughout the Student Recreation Center. To request information about advertising, including guidelines, pricing (if applicable), and reservation requirements, please contact the Director of Student Recreation.
    • Advertisements reserved by non-CSU Pueblo affiliated entities must be approved prior to reservation.
    • Student Recreation reserves the right to deny any advertisements based on their alignment with the departmental vision, mission, values, and commitment to inclusive practices.
    • Priority for posting materials in designated space in the Student Recreation Center are as follows:
      • Student Recreation Department related items (1)
      • CSU Pueblo related items (2) must be approved and stamped by Central Marketing.
      • Approved external advertisements (3)

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