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First-Year Students

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CSU Pueblo offers more than just a nationally recognized faculty dedicated to your success. Here, we’re also committed to providing you with tons of different programs you can’t find anywhere else in Colorado. From our thriving campus life and student clubs, to our many athletic opportunities and study abroad programs, at CSU Pueblo there’s a community for everyone. Let us help you find yours!

Who Should Apply

First-year applicants are degree-seeking students who, by the time they start classes, will not have earned any college credits outside of high school or the summer after their high school graduation.

When to Apply

First-year students can apply after finishing their junior year of high school. It is recommended first-year students apply for the updating fall semester by November 1, although late applications are accepted.

How to Apply

Submit the first-year application along with your application fee or waiver code and official documents. Students can receive an admissions decision by self-reported GPA, but will not be officially admitted until submitting required documents.

What Are CSU Pueblo's First-Year Admission Standards?

CSU Pueblo is a moderately selective institution, and we are committed to providing access to a 4-year college degree to any student who is academically prepared. We look at several factors to determine your preparation, including assessment scores, high school GPA, and academic rigor.

Included below is a bit more information about each of these indicators, along with the middle 50% GPA and test score ranges for students admitted. Please remember that the middle 50% means exactly that—the middle—many students who have test scores or GPAs outside of those ranges will still be admitted. These ranges are meant to help you see what we’re looking for but are not strict requirements that must be met.

GPA Standards

  • GPA Middle 50%: 2.91–3.76

In general, students must have at least a 2.0 to be considered for admission. While there are some exceptions, they are reserved for students with extenuating circumstances.

Assessment Scores

  • ACT Middle 50%: 18–23
  • SAT Middle 50%: 950–1120

We strongly recommend that students have at least a 14 on all subsections of the ACT or at least a 380 on all subsections of the SAT, though students with lower scores may still qualify for admission.


While we will consider other indicators of rigor, we recommend that students complete the following requirements:

  • Four years of English
  • Four years of mathematics, including two years of algebra and one of geometry
  • Three years of natural/physical sciences, with two units lab-based
  • Three years of social sciences, including one year of U.S. History
  • One year of a foreign language
  • Two years of appropriate academic electives

First-Year Student Pathways

To help first-year students reach their academic, personal, and career goals, CSU Pueblo has developed an enhanced advising model that provides customized milestones for your time here. This model includes several different pathways for students to choose from, including a traditional pathway for first-year students coming to us directly after high school.


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