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  • CAMPUS CLOSED on Monday, May 30th.


    Campus is closed on Monday, May 30th in celebration of Memorial Day.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring Support Quick Reference Guide

How do I log in? 

Students log in to WC Online via the Student PAWS portal (linked below). Simply log into your PAWS account, and click on the “Tutoring’ icon. If it’s your first time accessing WC Online from PAWS, you will be prompted to complete a quick registration form. After doing so, you’ll immediately be brought to the scheduling page - no password required!

Access Tutoring Services through PAWS

How do I make an appointment?

After logging on via PAWS, you can navigate between the various tutoring center schedules using the dropdown menu at the top of the page. Once on the desired tutoring schedule, review available appointments (open = white square). Click on a white square to open up the appointment form, where you will input information such as class and what you need help with. You may also attach any documents for the tutor to review (ex: lab report or study guide).

How do I access my appointment?

After logging on via PAWS, you can view your appointments by clicking on ‘My Appointments’ under the welcome menu dropdown in the upper left corner. For online appointments, click on the zoom link provided to access your online appointment. For students coming in for in-person appointments, your tutor can assist you with checking in.

Learn More About Our Tutoring Centers

CHASS Learning Center

Support for general education courses in the humanities, social sciences, and world languages. Located in the LINC (on the second floor of the LARC). 

Education Mentoring and Tutoring Support

Support for All ED, ECE and RDG courses at the undergraduate level or graduate level methods courses. Support available in the Curriculum Center (T-130).

Writing Center

Support for any academic, professional, or creative writing (course-related or otherwise). Located in the LINC (on the second floor of the LARC).

Online Writing Lab (OWL)

Online-based support for any kind of writing. Submit writing online via WC Online (Use PAWS to log in). 

Exercise Science and Athletic Training Tutoring Support

Tutoring support is available for many AT, EPER and HS classes, including EPER 162, EPER 343 and AT 301.

Science Learning Center

Support for biology, chemistry, and physics courses. Face-to-Face Support in Life Science Room 122. 

HSB Learning Center

Individual tutoring for Accounting, Statistics Economics, Finance, Java Programming, Computer Ethics courses, and exam study prep for PA Architecture and GMAT. Tutoring is scheduled via WC Online (by logging onto PAWS), and occurs online via Zoom. 

Engineering, Civil Engineering and Construction Management Tutoring

Support for engineering, civil engineering and construction management courses. Face-to-face tutoring in Technology, Room 141. 

Math Learning Center

Support for math and physics courses. Face-to-Face tutoring in Physics/Math Room 132. 

TRiO Student Support Services

Support for TRiO students in any course. Face-to-Face tutoring occurs in LARC Room 357.

Summer 2022

Two students leaving the OSC

$500 Scholarship Opportunity

Advising for summer courses is open. New and current students are eligible for a $500 summer scholarship if enrolled in 9 or more summer credits. 

Summer Scholarship Interest Form

Schedule Advising

Registration is Open

Student smiling at camera

Registration for both summer and fall courses is open for continuing students. Students can register for classes in self-service Banner or reference the following instructions and resources.

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