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Writing Center

A Colorado State University-Pueblo student work study of the Writing Room

Appointment-based and Asynchronous Tutoring for Any Writing Project or Assignment

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Summer 2021 Hours: Mon. - Thurs. 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Want to talk about your writing? Need some help with an essay you’re working on? Looking for feedback on a research paper, a creative work, a scholarship essay, or any other kind of writing? The Writing Center is here for you!

The Writing Center is where you and a tutor can engage in a collaborative discussion about your writing and ways to improve it—by talking about matters like focus, development, organization, sentence structure, punctuation, and citation format (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.).

It doesn't matter what kind of writing project you’re working on or where in the writing process you happen to be. Whether you’re just getting started and exploring your ideas or revising a draft and polishing your sentence style, our tutors are here to provide individualized support, feedback, and suggestions.

Two Ways of Helping You:

  1. Live, synchronous one-on-one sessions over Zoom. Have a live conversation with a writing tutor about whatever you're writing!
  2. Asynchronous, email-based sessions via the Online Writing Lab (OWL). If speaking to a tutor during our business hours isn't possible for you, submit a short paper (as a word document) and receive written feedback and comments from a tutor two to three business days later through the OWL.

Access both of these services on WC Online (click the red button above!). Schedule live sessions through the Writing Center calendar, and utilize the OWL through the OWL-Asynchronous Writing Feedback calendar. 

The Writing Center tutors are friendly CSU-Pueblo undergraduate students who have done well in composition courses, have been recommended by professors, and come from a variety of majors and disciplines. They are trained to assist you with any writing assignment you might be working on.     

For a Productive Session:

To maximize the benefits of talking with a Writing Center tutor, you’ll want to arrive at the session with any written instructions for your assignment (provided by your professor) as well as specific questions you’d like to raise with your tutor. The more your tutor knows about your assignment’s requirements and expectations, the better able your tutor will be to provide focused feedback and support. In addition, your specific questions or concerns will further help to focus your session.

Our Mission Statement:

The Writing Center collaboratively assists student writers at all levels and in all disciplines with learning more about their writing through individualized instruction from peer tutors. Its mission is to help CSU Pueblo students become more confident and more proficient writers who can better meet the conceptual, rhetorical, and stylistic demands of composing all types of texts in academic, professional, and creative settings.

For More Information:

Chad Pickering
Director of the Writing Center
Reception Desk: 719.549.2333
Phone: 719.549.2756 

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