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General Education Tutoring Center

Appointment-Based Tutoring for General Education Courses within the Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences & Foreign Languages

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The CHASS General Education Tutoring Center is here to provide free individual and group-based tutoring sessions for all students currently enrolled in lower-division general education courses within the humanities, social sciences, and foreign languages (Spanish, French, Italian, German, or ASL). If you’re in a course that fits one of these categories and feel that you can benefit from meeting ​with someone who has taken it previously, has done well in it, and is knowledgeable about its content, then come to the Gen Ed Tutoring Center and request to meet with a tutor.

Our Tutors:

The Gen Ed tutors are friendly CSU Pueblo undergraduate students who have previously taken and earned a high grade in the general education courses for which you request tutoring. Their job is to help you better understand the content of your course, study more effectively, and even prepare for upcoming exams.

Courses We Tutor:

Not sure if the course you’re taking is one we can provide tutoring for? Click here​ for a complete list of the general education courses we can help you with.

Tips for a Productive Tutoring Session:

To maximize the benefits of meeting with your Gen Ed tutor, you’ll want to arrive at each session ready to discuss specific questions and concerns you have. It is also usually helpful to bring your course textbook (or other course texts and materials) to your sessions so that your tutor can have a clearer understanding of what you’re currently studying on any given week. Finally, be prepared to act as a full participant in each discussion you have with your tutor. The more active your participation, the more rewarding and productive your sessions will be!

Our Mission Statement:

Through regularly recurring tutoring sessions, the CHASS General Education Tutoring (GET) Center assists students taking developmental and general education courses in the humanities or social sciences to understand course content and to become active, independent learners.

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