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University Leadership

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.

Main Information

2200 Bonforte Blvd.
Pueblo, Colorado 81001
Phone: 719.549.2100

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    • Dr. Timothy Mottet – President
    • Dr. Bruce Raymond – Interim Provost and Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs
    • Karl Spiecker – Vice President for Finance and Administration
    • Chrissy Holliday – Vice President for Enrollment Management and Student Affairs
    • Vicki Becker – President, Classified Staff Council
    • Johnna Doyle – Deputy General Counsel
    • Josh Ernst – Director and Title IX Coordinator, Office of Institutional Equity
    • Joe Folda – Director of Athletics
    • Dr. William Folkestad – Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS)
    • Michelle Gjerde – Director, Career Services
    • Rhonda Gonzales – Dean, University Library
    • Jacob Harmon – President, Associated Students’ Government
    • Dr. Marie Humphrey – Dean, Student Affairs
    • Ralph Jacobs – Director of Human Resources
    • Dr. Sylvester Kalevela – Dean, College of Education, Engineering and Professional Studies (CEEPS)
    • Todd Kelly – CEO, CSU-Pueblo Foundation
    • Dr. David Lehmpuhl – Dean, College of Science and Mathematics (CSM)
    • Dr. Derek Lopez – President, Administrative Professional Council
    • Dr. Margie Massey – President, Faculty Senate
    • Erich Matola – Chief Information Officer
    • Maureen O’Keefe – Director of Institutional Research and Analysis
    • Dr. Abhay Shah – Interim Dean, Hasan School of Business (HSB)
    • Tracy Samora – President, Administrative Professional Council
    • David Volk – Faculty Representative, CSU System Board of Governors
    • Niki Whitaker – Executive Assistant to the President
    • Cora Zaletel – Executive Director of External Affairs
    • Kristyn White - Director of Extended Studies

Campus Leadership and Contact

President Dr. Timothy Mottet

Administration Room 301
Phone: 719.549.2951

President's Office Website

Karl Spiecker

Vice President for Finance and Administration
Phone: 719.549.2314

Vice President for Finance and Administration Website

Chrissy Holliday

Vice President of Enrollment Management and Student Affairs​​
Phone: 719.549.2997

Enrollment Management and Student Affairs Website


Joe Folda

Athletic Director
Administration Building Room 309
Phone: 719.549.2730

Athletics Website

Auxiliary Services

Chris Fendrich

Interim Director
Occhiato University Center Room 102
Phone: 719.549.2611

Auxiliary Services Website

College of Education, Engineering, and Professional Studies (CEEPS)

Dr. Sylvester Kalevela

Technology Building Room 250
Phone: 719.549.2696

CEEPS Website

College of Humanities and Social Sciences (CHASS)

Dr. William Folkestad

Art Music Building Room 119A
Phone: 719.549.2865

CHASS Website

College of Science and Mathematics (CSM)

Dr. Dave Lehmpuhl

Life Science Building Room 106B
Phone: 719.549.2340

CSM Website

Division of Extended Studies

Kristyn White

Director of Extended Studies
Phone: 719.549.2155

Division of Extended Studies

Student Financial Services

Justin Streater

Administration Building Room 212
Phone: 719.549.2967

Student Financial Services Website

Hasan School of Business (HSB)

Dr. Abhay Shah

Interim Dean
Hasan School of Business Room 233A
Phone: 719.549.2108

HSB Website

Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Dr. Bruce Raymond

Interim Provost
Administration Building Room 303B
Phone: 719.549.2313

Provost Office Website

Pueblo County Sheriff's Office

Lt. Steve Bryant

Administration Building Room 118
Phone: 719.549.2373

Sheriff's Office Website

University Library

Rhonda Gonzales

Library and Academic Resource Center Room 315
Phone: 719.549.2315

Library Website

New Summer School Opportunities

Summer School Opportunities
  • Increased work-study jobs and Pell Grants
  • Housing and out-of-state tuition discounts
  • More online and face-to-face Gen Ed courses
  • See your advisor to enroll today!
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