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Submit an IR Data Request

Submit Data Requests through the IT Help Desk ticketing link below

  • Choose Help Topic of Institutional Research
  • Indicate department of Institutional Research (Tickets may be re-routed to the appropriate department for processing upon initial review.)

Indicate details of your request including but not limited to the following:

Person(s) requesting data
Job title and purpose of the request
Parameters of data needed (semesters/years, department/college, course subject(s), etc.)
Details of data fields needed (student population, specific information, etc. for columns of spreadsheet)
Deadline: date by which report is needed to complete project, external deadlines, etc.

RESPONSE TIME: Expected response time for an IR request is a minimum of 10 business days, unless there is a legitimate urgent need. Blackout dates may exist for priority institutional tasks including BOG reports, IPEDS, SURDS, etc. (TBD)

DATA ACCESS: Best practice for secure dissemination of data will be followed. This may include password protection, SharePoint restricted access to files, or other means for non-aggregate data. Sharing data beyond requestors must also follow proper protocols. IR can assist with details.

FERPA: (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) protection: Personally identifiable information about students is limited to those with a “Legitimate Educational Interest” which includes 1) a person employed by the agency or school in an administrative, counseling, supervisory, academic, student support; services, or research position, or a support person to these positions; or 2) a person employed by or under contract to the agency or school to perform a special task.

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