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Library Equipment Policy

Eligibility and Loan Details

Laptops, iPads, Ultrabooks, and a projector are available at the circulation desk on a first-come, first-served basis for 3-hour and 48-hour checkout. Because this equipment was purchased by Student Technology Fees, only currently registered students who have a valid CSU Pueblo ID card may check them out.

Students must be in good standing with no fines or fees at or exceeding $20.00 and no blocks on their circulation records. Students who have previously abused checkout privileges will not be allowed to borrow equipment. All Library owned technology equipment can only be checked out after a student has read, agreed to, and signed this policy form below. Students are responsible for all late fees and replacement costs.

Borrowers should have no expectation of privacy with regard to information on any laptop or iPad, and CSU Pueblo reserves the right to review any information in or on the laptop at all times.

Borrowers will not tamper with the hardware, any existing software, or save to the hard drive. The hard drives will be erased after each use so make sure to save to a disk, CD-R, or other portable storage devices.

Do not depend on device clocks; this will not be a reason to dismiss late fees. Never leave equipment unattended.

The University Library reserves the right to revoke privileges with evidence of abuse. Technology items can be recalled at any time.

Checking Out Ultrabooks, Laptops, and Projectors

Ultrabooks, newer laptops, and the projector can be checked out for a 3-hour period (subject to recall at any time) with the option of renewing one time for an additional three hours, if there are no students waiting. For 3-hour circulating equipment the Circulation Department will hold the student’s ID at the desk until the laptop or projector and all accompanying equipment are returned.

Ultrabooks, newer laptops, and the projector are for in Library use only, and may not be taken out of the library, and are due back at the circulation desk 15 minutes prior to closing.

Older laptops can be checked out for 48 hours with no renewals, with the presentation of a valid CSU Pueblo student ID card.

Equipment hard drives will be erased after each use, and all information should be saved to a disk, CD, or other portable storage device. Currently printing is not possible in the LARC from laptops.

Checking Out iPads

The iPads can be checked out for a 48-hour period (subject to recall at any time) with no renewals with the presentation of a valid CSU Pueblo student ID card. Hard drives will be erased after each use, and all information should be saved to a portable storage device.

Late Fees and Liability

Overdue equipment will initially be charged a fee of $1.00 the first hour and will accrue at the rate of $.50 each successive hour. When equipment and/or accompanying accessories become overdue for 48 hours, item/s will be declared lost, a library replacement cost will be charged, and campus police will be notified to investigate. The user will be charged $1,400 replacement cost for an Ultrabook, $1200.00 for a new laptop or projector, $1,000 for an older laptop, $600 for an iPad, and $30.00 for an iPad charger.

If the equipment and/or accessories are returned damaged, or software/hardware has been tampered with, the appropriate repair or replacement costs will be charged.

Reservations for equipment will not be accepted, however, students can add their name to the waiting list at the circulation desk.

Approved 8/2014 SLH/RG

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