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Colorado State University Pueblo's Division of Extended Studies partners with individuals, schools, and organizations across the nation to deliver high quality, graduate level, activity-oriented professional development experiences for teachers.

New Partners

If you're interested in partnering with Colorado State University Pueblo, please contact our Teacher Education Program Lead Specialist at 719.549.2048 or

View our Professional Partner Companies:


    A+ Advancement for Educators


    A+ Advancement for Educators knows that educators work hard, and they should not have to spend a fortune advancing their career, knowledge, or pay. That’s why we offer affordable options for graduate-level courses or recertification credits.   All of our classes are completely online and self-paced, with strategies you can use in your school tomorrow!

    Our classes are culturally-relevant and student-centered. We offer a  21st century curriculum that embraces technology, media, and research skills. We are committed to providing timely feedback and the support you need to excel in your career.   

    For more information, please visit


    Affordable Credits for Teachers

    Two heads one with a graduation cap



    Affordable Credits for Teachers was created by Adam and Sarah Nance, two Denver high school Social Studies and English teachers respectively, who, when pursuing their horizontal salary advancement and license renewal accreditation saw a need for providing advancement credits for their colleagues that didn’t cost more than the average teacher was comfortable paying. Given the vast breadth of topics that teachers can genuinely benefit from in refining and enhancing their craft, they wanted to make such enrichment to the profession affordable and accessible. Collectively, they have 30 years of teaching experience and over 200 advancement hours of their own! When not teaching high school students, they are busy raising and loving two young children in South Denver.


    B.A.K. to School

    BAK to school logo

    B.A.K. to School is a registered LLC that is designed to offer a variety of self-paced graduate education and professional development courses for educators. We strive to create unique and innovative courses that are designed to teach to any grade level or content area.

    Brett, Anna, and Kerry (B.A.K.) have a total of 35+ years of teaching experience, varying from a traditional to alternative education settings. We have experience in a variety of subject areas ranging from language arts, science, math, and visual arts. We also have experience working with all grade levels, elementary through high school.

    Visit B.A.K. to School for more information.


    Continuing Education Associates

    Continuing Education Associates logo

    Continuing Education Associates (CEA) provides high quality accredited online continuing education courses and professional development topics that are relevant and convenient for teachers. They are taught by expert instructors covering content areas pertinent to today's K-12 schools. Topic areas such as; Classroom ManagementInstructional StrategiesLife SkillsSchool CounselingScienceSocial ScienceSpecial Education, and Technology, are comprised of courses that are designed to help individuals hone their teaching skills and methods. With quality and convenience in mind, CEA courses are designed to help teachers pursue their professional development plans and accomplish their professional development goals with confidence and relative ease.

    For a list of courses and course schedules, visit them on the web.


    The Connected Classroom

    Connected Classroom logo


    Welcome to the Connected Classroom! We provide affordable, self-paced graduate education credit and professional development courses for busy teachers. Created by teachers for teachers, the Connected Classroom offers educators in pre-kindergarten, elementary, middle and high school with meaningful online courses to further their education.

    Founders Jennifer Hair and Shawn Hair have a combined 50 years of experience working in the classroom and building relationships with students, their families, the community and other dedicated educators. They created the Connected Classroom courses to give ambitious teachers the freedom and confidence to pursue a higher education, while continuing their passion in the classroom.

    Visit them on the web!



    Credits for Teachers

    Credits for Teachers logo

    Credits for Teachers provides self-paced Professional Development courses for K12 educators. Their courses provide teachers with resources to improve their classrooms and engage their students. 

    More information can be found at: Credits For Teachers.


    Customizable Professional Development

    CPA Classes written in a clipart computer with the words Customizable Professional Development underneath

    CPD is committed to ensuring that what you learn in our courses is implemented effectively into your classroom. Our instructors are always available to answer your questions and help you brainstorm solutions and strategies – even after you complete your course!


    EduCalc Learning


    ED Technology Specialists



     ED Technology Specialists offers the best online courses created by the most innovative lead educators in the nation including Google Trainers and Innovators, authors, and edtech experts.  Our online courses are written and administered by real teachers who are thought leaders in the field of educational technology.  Work at your own pace, collaborate with other educators, and learn skills that can be transferred to your classroom immediately. Click here to find out more 


    Educators Academy

    Educators Academy Logo

    Educators Academy provides high quality on-line graduate credits courses and professional development points for teachers from various academic disciplines and grade levels. They are ideal for Educators who seek re-certification, promotion or endorsements to develop a better understanding in key areas.

    Currently they offer subject courses in French, Spanish, Humanities and STEM. These courses not only address learning standards of States Curriculum Frameworks, but also offer new perspectives on developing classroom environments.

    For more information, visit Educators Academy.


    Education Resources

    Please contact Kay McNiell 


    For Teachers by Teachers

    Book with sun design behind it with text that reads For Teachers By Teachers


    For Teachers By Teachers is an innovative professional development organization. We design courses for PK–12 educators looking to hone their practice, develop new skill sets, and learn the latest research-driven teaching techniques shaping the field today. Our aim is to make earning your salary differential credits convenient and in perfect alignment with the busy lifestyle of a modern educator. Our courses are self-paced and online, crafted by professional writers, researchers and teaching veterans to be the most insightful, inspiring and enjoyable course offerings available for you on the market today. Take one class with us and you'll see the difference that professional development designed "For Teachers By Teachers" makes in your career! Click here to learn more!"


    Idioma Education & Consulting

    Idioma logo 


    Idioma Education & Consulting, LLC is an online provider of graduate courses that are affordable, convenient and practical with a student-centered approach to learning. We offer courses in more than 8 languages, ESL, Math, Special and General Education with instructors who are experts in the field and are dedicated to helping each student achieve their professional and personal goals. Teachers who enroll in our program have access to excellent and friendly customer support to help them with course selection or any issues that arise. For a complete list of upcoming courses, or for more information about the M.Ed. approved courses, consulting workshops, or information about Idioma, please visit our website



    ifireup logo




    iFireUp offers practical and researched based online courses to assist educators in improving teaching and learning.  These courses are designed to provide useful information that can be used immediately in your school or classroom.   We thrive on helping educators and many of our participants are repeat customers and frequently recommend the courses to colleagues.   Please visit iFireUp website to learn more and see course offerings IFireUp.


    Innovations for Education

    Innovations for Education logo

    Innovations for Education offers free resources for educators, graduate courses through the University of Colorado, and specializes in the development of E-Learning solutions for corporations and schools.

    All courses are self-paced so you can take one week, one month or one year to complete your work.  The best part is that you can work on your courses anywhere that is convenient for you!

    Course offerings: 


    Instructional Concepts


    Instructional Concepts offers continuing education courses on relevant educational topics. Courses can be taken for step & lane advancement as well as graduate credit.  Each course provides rich theoretical background. The course work is intentionally designed to be applied to your instructional environment right away.


    JPS: Character Education

    Jim Place Services logo

    At JPS: Character Education, all of our courses are created to motivate educators to connect with students through relationship building, positive attitudes, and incorporating social-emotional learning standards into every day lesson design. The JPS: Character Education courses offer a variety of topics to help all educators learn practical, authentic, and easy-to-implement strategies and programs into their classroom TODAY! Classes are affordable and do not require textbooks! JPS Character Education is led by Jim Place, a Hall of Fame High School Coach and Award Winning Character Educator.

    Visit to learn more!


    LEAD Legal and Educational Services

    LEAD Legal & Educational Services, LLC logo

    LEAD Legal & Educational Services, LLC partners with Colorado State University-Pueblo to provide lower cost graduate level course credit that may be applied directly to a Masters or post-Masters degree course requirement, as elective credit transferable to a Master’s program, or credit submitted for state teacher license renewal.

    LEAD courses are primarily school law-related and facilitated by a licensed attorney, educator, and experienced school administrator.

    Visit to learn more about LEAD Legal & Educational Services, LLC and the list of current course offerings.


    Lifelong Learning for Teachers

    A stack of books in a library with the text next to is saying Lifelong Learning Education for Teachers

    Deepen your knowledge in subjects that matter the most.

    Earn graduate-level credits to renew your license, advance your salary, or enhance your skills at your own pace, schedule, and budget. Our collection of online courses is available whenever and wherever, and include practical tools to apply in your classrooms that support and empower educators to be their very best.


    Literacy Bin

    Bin with books and notebooks in it with the words Literacy Bin in front of it
    At Literacy Bin, we specialize in teaching educators how to master reading instruction. Our online courses are designed to empower teachers, enhance your teaching skills, and equip you with specialized reading instruction expertise.Experience unparalleled flexibility with entirely self-paced online courses that cater to your schedule. Learn at your own pace, with no extra fees for course materials.Whether you're looking to improve your reading instruction, enhance your teaching techniques, or address the needs of diverse learners, our courses offer practical, real-world strategies.Join our community of dedicated educators today and invest in your professional growth with Literacy Bin. Visit to learn more.

    Midwest Teachers Institute

    Midwest Teachers Institute Logo

    Midwest Teachers Institute (MTI) is a national provider of inexpensive and university-accredited K-12 graduate courses for teacher professional development, salary advancement, and state re-certification. Founded by teachers, they understand the challenges facing educators and strive to provide exceptional learning opportunities at very reasonable prices.

    Join your fellow educators from across the U.S., Canada and the Department of Defense (DoD) and take a course with them!

    Visit for more information.


    Mirror Start Educational Consulting LLC

    Mirror logo with the Rs reversed.

    Mirror Start Educational Consulting, LLC ("Mirror Start") is a consulting firm committed to disrupting cycles of inequity that have existed in schools and educational systems for far too long. With a combined 25+ years of experience as K-12 practitioners across teaching, pupil services and administration, having held various leadership positions, Mirror Start's team specializes in supporting school and district leaders with leading for change and achieving more equitable student outcomes by offering a diverse array of professional development services that are client-centered, research-backed, and customizable, able to be requested a la carte or as a suite. The company’s services model is predicated upon the idea that repeated exposure is best for in-depth learning.  Mirror Start's asynchronous, online courses pertain to educational leadership in support of adult learning and/or [re]licensure goals.

     Visit to learn more.


    The Modern Classrooms Project

    Moder Classrooms logo
    The Modern Classrooms Project empowers educators to meet every student’s needs through blended, self-paced, mastery-based instruction. We lead a movement of educators in implementing a research-backed instructional model that leverages technology to improve educator effectiveness and learner understanding.
    Visit for more information.

    Music ConstructED

    music constructED logo


    At Music ConstructED, we support music educators’ professional growth and development through a collaborative community of teachers. Our platform offers professional development opportunities to fit every schedule and budget. With both synchronous and asynchronous options for graduate courses, it is easier than ever to learn from exceptional educators across the country. Build the experience that is right for you, today.

    Visit Music ConstructED for more information.


    North Star Continuing Education

    Northstar Continuing Education logo

    For over ten years, North Star Continuing Education has offered independent study courses on current topics of interest to educational professionals. Classes are designed with your convenience and professional development in mind. Class formats consist of readings in the assigned textbook and articles and developing lesson plans and/or writing essays. Students can register for classes anytime throughout the year.

    Please visit North Star’s website for a complete list of course offerings:


    One Step Ahead

    One Step Ahead logo


    One Step Ahead (OSA) Professional Development delivers first-class online continuing education and graduate courses for all educators. We offer over 100 courses in all different content areas via zoom, hybrid, or self-paced online options. OSA is affordable, flexible, and practical. Our classes focus on current issues in education, coupled with topics that are proven to be vital for fruitful educational practices. Coursework is aimed at enhancing student performance and strengthening teachers' pedagogical skills.

    For more information visit


    Orton-Gillingham Nation

    Orton Gillingham Nation logo

    Orton-Gillingham Nation, LLC specializes in providing online Orton-Gillingham training and practicum that follows the guidelines set forth by the Orton-Gillingham Academy. We provide educators with in-depth knowledge of the structure of the English language and best practice in multisensory instruction, as well as the foundation in theory and science-based reading research, necessary to effectively teach students with language-based learning difficulties. Orton-Gillingham Nation does not deliver pre-packaged programs; we challenge teachers to consider the cognitive profiles of the students with whom they work when designing and delivering multisensory, structured-language, evidence-based instruction.

    Visit for more information.


    School House Consultants

    School House Consultants logo

    School House Consultants offers a wide variety of extended studies courses throughout the year.

    For a list of courses and course schedules, visit them on the web at:


    Siedow Teacher Education

    Siedow Teacher Education logo

    Siedow Teacher Education has been providing continuing education courses for teachers since 1985. Siedow Teacher Education partners with CSU-Pueblo to offer a variety of print-based courses that have helped thousands of teachers to become more effective educators.

    Please visit their Website to learn more:


    Simply Me International

    Simply Me Logo

    Simply Me offers accredited online courses for educators, which focus on leadership, empowerment and self-esteem and provide tools for your personal empowerment through: games, exercises, stories and activities.

    Once you have experienced the courses firsthand, you will receive training on how to independently impart these tools to your students and children.

    Join thousands of educators who make Simply Me their preferred choice!

    To learn more, please visit:


    Teacher's Learning Center

    Teacher's Learning Center logo

    Teacher’s Learning Center has offered low cost graduate courses for working teachers for over nine years. Study materials and assignments are mailed to you, allowing you to study anytime, anywhere.

    Please visit the Teacher’s Learning Center for a full list of course offerings.


    Teachers' Professional Advancement Institute

    TheraCourse logo

    Our graduate courses are independent book studies based on authors and educators that have had a proven impact on education. We take their ideas and practices and help implement them into your classroom--guiding you from theory to practice. We offer high quality, relevant courses with the flexibility to study at your own pace.

    Check out their offerings at:


    Therapy Advance Courses

    Therapy Advance Courses offers self-paced, online postgraduate courses for school-based related service providers including Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Physical Therapists, School Psychologists, Social Workers, and Special/General Education Teachers. Our courses are created and taught by school-based therapists who understand the need for manageable coursework that is professionally relevant and affordable.   

    See our course descriptions at


    The Educator's Place

    The Educator's Place logo

    The Educator’s Place offers classes that can be applied to your classroom right away! They provide courses that are stress free, and easy on the budget.  Their schedule offers 25 courses with seven different instructors, who are teachers ~ just like you!  All classes are online, and paced at your convenience. The Educator's Place is a Denver based company that meets teachers’ needs for professional development, recertification, as well as, salary advancement credits. Classes are approved for ALL states and ALL districts.

    Check out their offerings at:


    The Learning Tree Professional Development Network

    Learning Tree Logo

    Elevate your education career with The Learning Tree Professional Development Network!  Our online courses are designed to help you grow, renew your educator licensure, and increase your earning potential.  Experience the ultimate flexibility with entirely self-paced online courses that are six weeks long.  The only deadline is the very last day of the course, giving you the freedom to learn on your own schedule.  Plus, all course materials are included in the cost, so you don't have to worry about paying extra for books or materials!  Whether you're looking to advance your skills, move up the salary scale, or improve your education techniques, our graduate-level courses provide practical, real-world strategies that you can use immediately.  Join our community of lifelong learners today and invest in your professional development with The Learning Tree PDN.

    To learn more, please visit:



    TheraCourse logo

    TheraCourse offers courses for Speech Language Pathologists that are affordable, focus on improving clinical skills required to work with students on their caseload and that could be fit into their busy schedules.

    Check out the course offerings available through CSU-Pueblo 



    VESi logo

    VESi offers online laptop, tablet and smart phone compatible courses for professional educators that are convenient, relevant, affordable, and can be taken at a pace that fits your schedule.

    Check out the course offerings available through CSU-Pueblo at:



    World Language PD




    World Language PD offers online graduate courses in Spanish, French, and other world languages that have been designed with in-service teachers in mind. Additionally, courses on the teaching of world languages are available. Courses typically last 6 weeks and are taught and designed by experienced world language educators with doctoral degrees.

    For a full list of course offerings, visit

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