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Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies

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Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies is designed for students who have a variety of interests, or perhaps examined multiple degree programs and discovered that several hold appeal.

The program is a flexible and versatile degree completion program designed for students who have previously obtained college credit and have an interest in multiple disciplines. If you are a student searching for a degree program which allows personalization of course options and you recognize the value in pursuing varied interests – Interdisciplinary Studies will fulfill those objectives. 

CSU Pueblo’s Interdisciplinary degree allows students to select their preferred method of instruction. The degree can be completed online, correspondence, on-campus or a combination of all three. The degree addresses individual differences amogst students and helps to develop important, transferable skills.

"I work 40 hours a week. With a busy life, this program has helped me to continue my education. This program is one of the best decisions I've made."

- Brittney Trujillo, Class of 2020

Program Details

Students of this program learn skillsets that will enable them to compete for the most sought-after positions with leading employers:

  • Increase skillset and bolster critical thinking
  • Creatively solve problems and develop a collaborative mindset
  • Advance in a career or transition to a new career

Instruction Options:

The Interdisciplinary Studies Degree is offered through the following programs. Select a program to learn more
Students gather in a typical in class setting to learn at a specific time and place. Students may attend lecture discussion sessions, form independent study groups with peers, or interact with the instructor after class or during office hours. There are strict due dates for exams, assignments, and projects. The style of instruction is most often teacher-driven, in that the knowledgeable instructor lectures on the subject of their expertise. 
Online courses attempt to follow the same model as on-campus courses. Online offers synchronous online class sessions and question-and-answer sessions that serve as instructor office hours. Online courses allow students the flexibility to choose the time and place to learn that is most convenient for them. Although, online courses maintain strict due dates for exams, assignments, and projects just as the on-campus course model. The style of instruction in online programs is more user-driven. Depending on the course, students may experience varying levels of control over the place of learning and when they attend the class.
Independent Study correspondence courses attempt to help those students working full-time or with other obligations. Independent Study courses are extremely flexible. There is no set schedule for correspondence courses allowing students to complete assignments at any time of the day. This allows students to independently work at their own pace allowing no set due dates for exams and assignments. Students can enroll in Independent Study courses at any time during the year and study where and when it is convenient. 

Frequently Asked Questions


    How do I apply for this program?

    If you are an interested student you will need to apply using the online application. All official transcripts from higher education institutions attended must be sent electronically or by mail. Click here to apply!


    Will I be able to get financial aid to help pay for my courses?

    We encourage all students to apply for federal, state, and institutional financial aid. Any monies awarded may be used for classes in the Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies. For more information please contact the Student Financial Services Office at 719.549.2088 or visit their webpage.



    Will I be able to transfer in credits from prior colleges or universities?

    Yes. Students with transfer credits will receive an official evaluation upon admission into the program to determine what credits already count to the degree and what credits still need to be taken to graduate. The Bachelor of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies allows students who have obtained an Associate’s Degree to transfer up to sixty credits. For students with credits from four year Universities you have the opportunity to transfer up to ninety credits into the program. View the Interdisciplinary Degree planning sheet.


    How long will it take me to finish the degree?

    Our degree program provides maximum flexibility for students and their schedules. Courses are offered in all instructional formats and provide many options in course term length. Whether you choose Independent Study Correspondence courses (12 months -15 Weeks), traditional on-campus courses (15 weeks), or Online Courses (16 – 4 week sessions) there are options for you to build your class schedule that best fits your life!


    Can I complete this program from a distance?

    Yes. Students can be anywhere in the world and complete this program. We have correspondence, self-paced courses, and online courses for those who cannot come to campus. We also have campus courses at our Pueblo and Colorado Springs campus for those who wish to take courses in person.

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