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Music Scholarships

Majors: The Music Department of the Colorado State University-Pueblo​ offers generous music scholarships to qualified students who wish to major in music or music education. These awards are based upon the audition, grade point average, financial need, and other factors. All students who plan to major in music are encouraged to audition.

Minors: Students wishing to minor in music may also receive a scholarship based on an audition. The amount of this award is significantly less than that which is possible as a major, but is more than the amount awarded for participation in an ensemble.

Non-majors: The Music Department also offers music performance scholarships to competent instrumentalists and vocalists who, through audition, qualify for membership in the University Symphony, the Wind Ensemble, and the Concert Choir. These scholarships are available to all qualified and enrolled students whether or not they choose to major in music. Contact the Music Department for further information.

The Caroline Cramer-Voss Music Scho​larship Fund

NOTE: All awards are rewards for talent, effort, quality of work, and value to the department and university.

Selecti​on Process

All scholarship funds are awarded based on a process including:

  1. A performance audition (with audition requirements included in published departmental marketing materials and sent to area music educators, private music teachers, interested students, etc.),
  2. A brief interview with the auditioning music faculty, with questions regarding the student's musical experience and achievements, career plans, etc.,
  3. Formal application by the student for scholarship assistance,
  4. Final recommendation and approval by the Voss Music Scholarship Committee, and
  5. The signing by the student of a contract specifying the amount being awarded and the requirements and expectations for maintaining the award.

Academic and P​erformance Criteria

All scholarship awards are considered to be for the term of the student's career at CSU-Pueblo, not to exceed four years without specific approval by the faculty and Committee (primarily for those pursuing the Music Education degree). In order to maintain the award, the student must be enrolled full-time and meet the following criteria:

  1. A 3.0 minimum cumulative grade point average in all courses in the major area (music),
  2. A 2.5 minimum cumulative GPA,
  3. Satisfactory progress toward the chosen degree (taking the courses prescribed by the advisor each semester, attending classes, etc.) as certified each semester by the advisor,
  4. Satisfactory participation and performance in ensembles and other departmental duties as required.
    If a student falls below these minimal requirements in any given semester, the award is suspended for the following semester.

1st occurrence - the award is reinstated when the student meets the minimum criteria.
2nd occurrence - the award is reinstated when the student meets the minimum criteria, is recommended by the faculty, and approved by the Committee.
3rd occurrence - the award is lost and may not be reinstated.

In receiving a scholarship award, the student is essentially being paid to be a music major based on talent, potential, and service. If an employee fails to fulfill the duties outlined in the contract in a satisfactory manner, they generally are no longer employed.

Work Study

In addition to scholarship opportunities, music students are encouraged to apply for work within the Music Department. Students who are eligible for work study may be considered for such employment as Music Ensemble Assistant (duties to be coordinated by the ensemble directors), Piano Accompanists (audition required), Hoag Hall Staff (duties to be coordinated with the Hoag Hall Manager), Music Technology Lab monitors, Equipment Manager, and so on. Application may be made to the university financial aid office. In addition, see a music faculty member in order to ascertain whether they are accepting work-study students in their particular area. It is particularly to the advantage of the Music Education major to perform work study duties in the Music Department, as this will assist them in preparation for similar duties in the profession.​

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