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Accompanying Regulations

Students who perform on Symposia and juries must arrange an approved student or faculty accompanist. A list of approved accompanists will be made available; any not on the list must be screened and approved by the applied instructor. Arrangements must be made and music provided for the accompanist well ahead of the performance date. Completed Symposium recital forms must be submitted no later than Tuesday at 2:00 before the scheduled Symposium. These time frames are not flexible, and must be adhered to in order to be scheduled for performance.

For regulations regarding solo or joint recitals, including Senior Recitals, please see the appropriate section of this document.

Rehearsals and accompanied lessons should be arranged at least two days in advance. Students must consult their accompanist to schedule rehearsals and performances. No accompanist will be expected to miss lessons, classes or any other scheduled events to accompany a student. Weekend or night rehearsals may be scheduled at the discretion of the accompanist

Rehearsal should be scheduled well in advance of degree recitals. Student accompanists should not exceed two hours of service per week per student except with the permission of the piano instructor.

No photocopied music may be used in a public performance, as it is a violation of copyright laws.

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