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Degrees Offered

(see the University Catalog for the specific courses required for each degree)

The Bachelor of Arts in Music provides a broad base for a number of careers in music such as private studio teachers, and is intended as a preparation for advanced graduate study.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music with Emphasis in Performance is a professional degree, and is appropriate for those students who plan to perform, teach privately, or pursue further study at the graduate level.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music with Emphasis in Music Education provides the essential training, knowledge and skills necessary for a teaching career in choral, instrumental, or general music. Music majors may elect either an Instrumental or Vocal concentration, or choose a Double Emphasis.

The University also offers a Minor in Music, which allows the student to further their knowledge of music as an art while enjoying participation in music performance.

Degree Requirements

Students should become familiar with the University Catalog for the specific requirements in their chosen degree. The student is ultimately responsible for fulfilling the requirements for the degree. Each student must follow the approved course of study leading to the degree. The appropriate faculty advisor will assist in devising a suitable plan each semester. The recommended courses for the various degrees are listed in Appendix B.

Attendance Requirements

Music is primarily an activity-oriented discipline, whether in lecture classes or ensemble rehearsals. In addition, the absence of a student from an ensemble rehearsal also affects the entire group. The student is expected to attend class regularly and on time. If an absence is necessary, i.e. illness, family emergency, or unavoidable happenstance, the student is expected to notify the instructor, in advance if at all possible. Call the appropriate campus extension and leave a voice mail message or call the Music Office at extension 2552. The instructor is under no obligation to excuse the absence otherwise unless unusual circumstances prevail. Each instructor will specify his or her requirement for attendance as it relates to the course grade. It is NOT appropriate to call a faculty member at home except in an emergency unless specific directions or permission has been given to do so.

Teacher Certification


  1. Acceptance into the Teacher Education Program. (See the current Academic Catalog and Teacher Education Handbook)
  2. Bachelor's Degree with a major in an approved Music Education program.
  3. A passing score on the PLACE test.

Spring 2022 Registration is Open

To register for Spring 2022 courses, students will need to meet with their academic success coach or faculty mentor, submit proof of vaccination or exemption, and self-register through Banner.

Registration Requirements

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CARES Funding

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CARES Funding is available for eligible students to help pay for cost of attendance needs such as food, housing, childcare, health care, course materials, technology, tuition assistance, and other critical needs.

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