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Senior to Sophomore - Students

Dual Enrollment/Senior to Sophomore

The Senior to Sophomore program allows high school students to take college courses from the comfort of their high school classrooms. The course content, quality, and rigor are equal to those same courses taught on the University’s main campus and transcribed accordingly.

At the beginning of each semester, a High School Programs staff member will be on-site at each partnering high school to present information about available STS courses for that semester. Call 719.549.2734 for a schedule of planned visits. High Programs staff may make presentations in individual classrooms or a group setting. At that time, program staff will explain registration instructions, tuition information, and withdrawal procedures. Course registration occurs online, and there are sections for both the parent and student/guardian to fill out. The registration takes up to 48 hours to process, after which time the student will be registered.  CSU Pueblo will provide a class roster to the teacher for verification. 


Students in participating high schools who wish to enroll in the Dual Enrollment Senior to Sophomore (STS) program must:

  1. Obtain approval of their instructor and counselor to register for the course(s)
  2. Submit a CSU Pueblo STS registration form (Coming Soon)
  3. Have parents fill out the STS registration form where appropriate
  4. If registering for English* or Math courses, submit ACT/SAT scores or schedule an ACCUPLACER exam at the Campus Testing Center (free to High School Programs students) before registration. 

Note: Registration in STS does not admit high school students to the University. 

*D60 students only.


For information on billing, parking, campus layout, important calendar dates and more, visit our High School Program Student Resources webpage.


    Registration and Tuition Deadlines

    • Priority registrations are due by November 1st for the Fall Semester and March 1st for Full-year and Spring Semester courses.
    • Late Registrations will be accepted until the 2nd Monday of November and the 3rd Monday of March. A $10 late add fee will be assessed to the student after the priority deadline.

    Tuition Policy

    The student portion of STS tuition varies by the school district. The cost will be disclosed at the time of registration and is dependent on the number of courses selected. 

    • Tuition is due at the time of registration and can be made via the link in the online registration form or through the student’s PAWS account. A $1 fee will be assessed for e-check payment, and a 2.5% as well as a $0.75 transaction fee will be assessed for credit/debit card payments. CSU Pueblo does not offer payment plans for STS tuition. 
    • Lab fees may be assessed separately by the high school instructor for selected courses.

    Drop/Withdrawal/Refund Policies

    Students must drop a class within two weeks from the date of registration to receive a full refund.

    High School Programs Course Drop Request Form

    After the third week from the registration date, students must submit a Withdrawal Form to withdraw from an STS course. A “W” (Withdrawal) is entered on the student’s CSU Pueblo transcript, and a refund is unavailable. Full-year students have until the second and third weeks of the Spring semester to drop or withdraw from a course, respectively.

    High School Programs Course Withdraw Request Form

    High School Programs Retroactive Withdraw Request Form

    The instructor may assign a grade of “F” to the student’s CSU Pueblo transcript if the student does not officially drop or withdraw from their course(s).


    Preliminary Class List and Final Grade Report

    Only students who officially register for STS course credit will appear on the teacher’s official class roster and final grade list. The instructor must input grades by the university’s designated grade deadline. Students whose grades are not input by the teacher by the deadline will receive an “NG” (No Grade) on their CSU Pueblo transcript until the teacher submits a Change of Grade form for each individual student. Credit is not granted, and courses are non-transferable with an NG on record.

    Unofficial Transcripts

    Students who do not owe a balance to CSU Pueblo may access their unofficial transcripts via their PAWS account using their assigned NetID.

    Official Transcripts

    Students who do not owe a balance to CSU Pueblo may order Official Transcripts through the Registrar’s Office.

Summer 2022

Two students leaving the OSC

$500 Scholarship Opportunity

Advising for summer courses is open. New and current students are eligible for a $500 summer scholarship if enrolled in 9 or more summer credits. 

Summer Scholarship Interest Form

Schedule Advising

Registration is Open

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Registration for both summer and fall courses is open for continuing students. Students can register for classes in self-service Banner or reference the following instructions and resources.

High School Programs

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