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Concurrent Enrollment

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Concurrent Enrollment provides high school students a chance to earn college and high school credit simultaneously (by attending classes in person on the CSU Pueblo campus), with your school picking up the cost of tuition.

This program is available to all students enrolled in partnering school districts. Your high school counselor will tell you if your district participates and if you meet their eligibility criteria. 

Concurrent Enrollment offers students two pathways - either full-time or part-time transfer. 

  • Full-time students are required to take a minimum of 12 credits each semester.
  • Part-time students can take a maximum of 10 credits each semester. Part-time students must enroll in General Education GT-Pathways courses to ensure that their credits will transfer to any public college or university in the state.

How to become a Concurrent Enrollment student:

Important: You must complete each step before moving on to the next.

Step One: Speak to your high school counselor about becoming a Concurrent Enrollment student, as each school has a different Concurrent Enrollment process and eligibility requirements.

Step Two: Apply for the College Opportunity Fund (COF). All Concurrent Enrollment students must apply for COF, covering Colorado students' state portion of college tuition. Students who fail to apply for COF or do not resolve their COF errors before the end of the semester will be held financially liable for the state portion of tuition on their bill. 

Step Three: Fill out the CSU Pueblo Concurrent Enrollment Application Form:

Concurrent Enrollment Application Form

Step Four: A CSU Pueblo High School Programs staff member will contact you for academic advising to complete the registration process and provide guidance on any necessary placement exams required to get into specific courses. The registration process may take up to 48 hours; after that,  their schedule will be loaded and be able to view in their PAWS account.

Step Five: Concurrent Enrollment students must log in to their PAWS account to Lifetime Authorize their COF. Lifetime Authorization assures that COF funds are applied against your tuition bill each semester.

Step Six: (If possible) attend the Concurrent Enrollment new student orientation.

Frequently Asked Questions


    How much does Concurrent Enrollment cost?

    The overall cost of the Concurrent Enrollment program depends on your home school district. All districts cover tuition, but some may not cover the cost of fees, books, and parking. You will have to ask your counselor what costs your district covers. There is a link below to a document that shows current Student/Parent Financial Obligation for select districts.

    Concurrent Orientation 23-24

    Program and Course Fees 2023-2024

    Some courses have automatic additional Bookstore charges to cover software or other materials needed for the course. Refer to the course syllabus for instructions and deadlines to opt-out of these charges. Charges cannot be removed from a student's account after the deadline.


    What are participation requirements?

    • Must be a registered high school student
    • Be in good academic standing with current school (high school advisor will determine if student meets these criteria)
    • Current ACCUPLACER, ACT, or SAT score indicates course content preparation.
    • Has qualifying GPA per district guidelines

    What are guaranteed transfer credits?

    Specific courses taken at Colorado public colleges and universities are guaranteed to transfer among all two-and four-year public institutions in the state. In addition, up to 31 credit hours of successfully completed (C or better) courses in general education will count toward general education or graduation requirements. Students can find these courses under the GT headings in the university catalog's general education requirement section links.


    What courses can I take? (general education requirement courses)

    Students will need to take courses that their high schools have approved. Many schools require students to take general education requirement courses, which count as credit towards their high school graduation and as college credit.

    There are two categories of general education requirement courses: 


    What if I/my student wants to add, drop, or withdraw from a course?

    • If the student seeks to add, drop, or withdraw from a college course, they must meet with their high school counselor and notify the CSU Pueblo Concurrent Enrollment staff. 
    • If a student misses the drop deadline and chooses to withdraw, their parent/guardian will be responsible to their high school for full reimbursement of course costs.
    • Students are ineligible to late add a course. 

    What if I have completed all of my general education requirement courses?

    If you have completed all of your general education requirement courses, you may be able to take classes that will count towards a specified degree plan. In addition, if you know what degree plan you intend to pursue upon graduation from high school, you can discuss what classes would go towards that degree plan with your high school counselor and Penny Grinstead.

    What happens if I/my student does not pass a class (C or better)

    If the student does not receive a passing grade of C or better the school district will not pay the student's tuition, and the student's parents/guardians will become liable for payment.

    Why am I not showing as registered for classes?

    It can take 48 hours for submitted information (immunizations, applications, or payments) to process through CSU Pueblo's system. If you have not seen a change after that time, please contact Penny Grinstead at


    Financial Aid Eligibility

    Students are not eligible to receive financial aid for Concurrent Enrollment courses.

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