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High Schools

How to become an STS High School:

If your high school is interested in becoming a Senior to Sophomore school, please contact us at 719.549.2316 or 1.800.388.6154 and ask to speak to the STS Program Manager. We can provide you with copies of syllabi currently being used at other schools, department resources, or set an appointment for our representatives to come to your school to make a presentation to either the administrative staff or interested teachers.

How to become an STS Teacher:

If your school is already involved in the STS program or if you are interested in being the first teacher at your school to become an STS teacher we will need the following information from you:

  • Current resume
  • Copies of your Masters level or beyond transcripts
  • Syllabus of the course you would like to teach on STS
  • Referral from your Principal recommending you to teach

CSU-Pueblo will forward your information to the appropriate department. The department may contact you to discuss course objectives and outcomes, to ensure your course meets the standards set by the University. You will be contacted once your approval has been signed. If you have questions or need more information including course syllabi, please contact the HUB Specialist at 719.549.2734, or 1.800.388.6154. 

Role of Department Liaisons:

Each department on campus provides a person who is knowledgeable in expected course content and outcomes. They are specialists in their field of study and willing to render support to our STS high school teachers. Schools and individual teachers should not hesitate to use these resources at any time.

Bayfield High School

800 County Rd. 501
24 Clover Dr.
Bayfield, CO; 81122
Main Phone: 970.884.9521

Amy Miglinas
Phone: 970.884.9521
Fax: 970.884.4226

Canon City High School

1313 College Ave.
Canon City, CO 81212
Main Phone: 719.276.5870

Tim Ritter
Phone: 719.276.5960
Fax: 719.276.5866

Centennial High School

2525 Montview Dr.
Pueblo, CO 81008
Main Phone: 719.549.7335

Tonja Odell
Phone: 719.549.7344
Fax: 719.549.7634

Central High School

216 E. Orman Ave.
Pueblo, CO 81004
Main Phone: 719.549.7300

Zach Odell
Phone: 719.549.7300
Fax: 719.549.7313

Cotopaxi Consolidated Schools

P.O. Box 385
Cotopaxi, CO 81223
Main Phone: 719.942.4131

Mary Christensen
Phone: 719.942.4131
Fax: 719.942.4131

Custer County

709 Main St.
Westcliff, CO  81252
Main Phone: 719.942.4131

John Christensen
Phone: 719.783.2291
Fax: 719.783.4994

Discovery Canyon High School

1810 North Gate Blvd
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Main Phone: 719.234.1800

District #60 Health Academy - Centennial High School

2525 Montview Dr.
Pueblo, CO 81008
Main Phone: 719.549.7632

Lynette Lievers
Phone: 719.549.7632 (Centennial)
Cell: 719.406.3440
Fax: 719.549.7634 or 719.549.7306

Doherty High School

4515 Barnes Rd.
Colorado Springs, CO 80917
Main Phone: 719.328.6420

Duane Roberson
Phone: 719.520.2567

East High School

9 MacNeil Rd.
Pueblo, CO 81001
Main Phone: 719.549.7222

Pat Laughlin
Phone: 719.549.7227
Fax: 719.545.0389

Florence High School

2006 State Highway 67
Florence, CO 81226
Main Phone: 719.784.6414 or 719.784.6565

Rebecca Colon
Phone: 719.784.2759
Fax: 719.784.2727

Fountain-Fort Carson High School

900 Jimmy Camp Rd.
Fountain, CO 80817
Main Phone: 719.382.1640

Lisa Rogula
Phone: 719.358.4387
Fax: 719.382.4792

Harrison High School

2755 Janitell Road
Colorado Springs, CO 80906
Main Phone: 719.579.2080

Woodrow Longmire
Phone: 719.579.3266
Fax: 719.538.1333

La Veta High School

126 East Garland
La Veta, CO 81055
Main Phone: 719.742.3662

Rick Sciacca
Phone: 719.742.3662 ext: 21

Pagosa Springs High School

P.O. Box 1498/309 Lewis St.
Main Phone: 

Mark Thompson
Phone: 970.264.2231, ext. 226
Fax:  970.264.1328

Pueblo County High School

35 Ln & Hwy 50 E
Vineland, CO 81006
Main Phone: 719.948.3351 or 719.948.3352

Paula Stepan
Phone: 719.948.3351 ext. 110
Fax: 719.948.0196​

Pueblo Technical Academy

35 Ln & Hwy 50 E
Vineland, CO 81006
Main Phone: 719.948.2310

Jim Gradishar
Phone: 719.948.2310
Fax: 719.948.2375

Pueblo West High School

661 W. Capistrano Ave.
Pueblo West, CO 81007
Main Phone:​ 719.547.8050

Jan Stiles​
Phone: 719.547.8050
Fax: 719.547.8041

Rye High School

8083 State Highway 165
Rye, CO  81069
Main Phone: 719.489.2271

Peggy Jordan
Phone: 719.489.2271

Sierra High School

2250 Jet Wing Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80905
Main Phone: 719.579.2090

Woodrow Longmire
Phone: 719.579.3266
Fax: 719.538.1333

South High School

1801 Hollywood Dr.
Pueblo, CO 81005
Main Phone: 719.549.7255

Michelle Juno
Phone: 719.549.7258
Fax: 719.549.7759

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