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Proctoring Information


Many courses require one or more proctored exams. Proctors serve an important role in maintaining the academic integrity of our program. Proctors are responsible for confirming the identity and supervising the student while taking exams to ensure that all rules are followed. Refer to your syllabus or the Fast Fact pages to determine if your course has proctored exams.

There are three options for having your exams proctored:


    Proctor located at CSU Pueblo

    Independent Study students living in the Pueblo or Colorado Springs area are encouraged to utilize proctoring services available at no charge through the university. Testing rooms are located at both the Pueblo and Colorado Springs campus.

    CSU Pueblo is taking necessary precautions to ensure the safety of students and staff during the COVID-19 pandemic. Therefore, exam proctoring is by appointment only until further notice. Be sure to schedule your exam ahead of time to secure an available appointment. Please use the contact information for the appropriate location below to schedule your proctored exam.


    To schedule an exam, please reach out to the Testing Center:

    Colorado Springs:

    To schedule an exam, please reach out to the Colorado Springs Tower location:

    • Call: 719.442.2264
    • Location: 2864 S. Circle Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80906

    Proctoring on the CSU Pueblo campus outside of the Testing Center or Extended Studies office can only be conducted by the instructor of the course or under special permission from the Extended Studies office.


    Virtual Proctor

    ProctorU is an online proctoring service contracted by the Independent Study Program.

    Please read the ProctorU informational guide on their preparation and procedures.

    Click here to register for ProctorU and schedule an exam.

    • Students are responsible for paying any fees related to proctoring exams in addition to the cost of tuition for the course.
    • Not all Independent Study exams are available on ProctorU. Courses that require you to show your work such as math and econ are not available online.

    Outside Proctor

    You can complete an Exam Request Form found on Blackboard or in your Forms packet and have your exams sent to an approved proctor.

For acceptable proctors, refer to the Exam Request Form found in the Forms Packet on Blackboard or sent with your syllabus. Questions regarding the appropriateness of a proctor should be directed to the Extended Studies office at 719.549.2162.

Students are responsible for identifying an acceptable proctor within the first two weeks of a course. Proctors must be approved by the Extended Studies office before exams will be sent, so it is a good idea to submit your proctor information early to ensure testing is not delayed. All exam requests will be processed after your course(s) drop deadline. Once processed, exams will be sent to your proctor within approximately 3 to 5 business days. Only one Exam Request Form is required for each course – all exams for a course will be sent to the proctor in one packet.


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