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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Colorado State University Pueblo’s Division of Extended Studies offers students four undergraduate degree completion programs through traditional correspondence courses: Business Management, Criminology, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Sociology.

Independent Study also offers students an opportunity to pair a degree program with one or more of our five minors in Business Administration, Marketing, Psychology, Sociology, and Supervisory Management. For more on these minors, please refer to the Minors Academic Planning Sheet.

Degree Programs


    Business Management

    The major in business management leads to the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (BSBA) and provides students with the theoretical and conceptual basis of business as well as application skills to assume leadership roles in industry, government and education.

    Business Management Academic Planning Sheet 2021-22



    Criminology examines the making of laws, the nature and extent of crime and criminality, and efforts to control crime. The criminology program provides students with a strong foundation in sociological theory and research to foster a comprehensive and contextual understanding of crime and justice in society and the capacity to think critically and creatively about what does and doesn’t work in current crime control efforts. The organizations and institutions developed to respond to crime, including all the sub-components of the criminal justice system, will be examined along with the related concepts of law and justice. Courses focus on the social construction or definitions of crime, the causes of crime and delinquency, and on the origin, nature, and consequences of societal reactions to criminal offending, including practices in both public and private justice agencies.

    Students pursuing careers in traditional criminal justice fields, such as policing, probation & parole, corrections and reintegration, will develop a strong foundation to work and effect social change in these fields. Criminology majors interested in careers in victim assistance, legal advocacy, community activism and social research will develop the skills and knowledge enabling them to become transformational leaders in their profession.

    Criminology Academic Planning Sheet 2021-22


    Interdisciplinary Studies

    The Bachelor of Science Interdisciplinary Studies degree program at CSU Pueblo offers our students a unique opportunity to design their own curriculum which strengthens a student’s weaknesses as well as builds on their strengths. Every component of the degree plan addresses student’s individual differences and helps to develop important, transferable skills. 

    The interdisciplinary degree can be completed through correspondence courses, online, on-campus, or a combination of all three. For more information, visit the Interdisciplinary Studies website.

    Interdisciplinary Studies Academic Planning Sheet 2021-22



    Sociology examines human society with an emphasis on social structure, social interaction, and social change. From the analysis of passing encounters between strangers on the street to the investigation of broad-based global social movements, sociology examines the subtle, yet complex, ways individual lives interact and intersect with the collective experience of others. One of the sociology program’s special emphases is understanding social inequalities and their implication for social justice.  Comparative, cross-national, and cross-cultural perspectives are also offered in many courses.

    Sociology Academic Planning Sheet 2021-22

Certificate Programs

In addition to the major and minor options, Independent Study also offers two Certificate programs in Foundations of Business and Homeland Security Studies.

    Foundations of Business

    The Foundations of Business Certificate is a 16 credit hour certificate that provides students a broad base of knowledge in business-related concepts ranging from Accounting and Finance to Marketing and Management.

    Certificates Academic Planning Sheet 2021-22


    Homeland Security Studies

    The certificate in Homeland Security provides students with an opportunity for introductory level study of real world political and public policy issues involved in prevention and response to natural and man-made disasters and events.  The program is directed at creation and enhancement of pre-professional knowledge and skills, which are immediately transferable to related career fields in government and industry.

    Certificates Academic Planning Sheet 2021-22

Spring 2022 Registration

Registration Opens October 18, 2021.

To register for Spring 2022 courses, students will need to meet with their academic success coach or faculty mentor, submit proof of vaccination or exemption, and self-register through Banner.

Vaccination Requirement and Exemptions

Student wearing face mask

The university's COVID-19 Vaccination Policy includes the COVID-19 vaccination unless an exemption is filed.

Independent Study

Emma Mitchell

Independent Study Program Coordinator

Jessica Gama

Independent Study Program Advisor
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