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Undergraduate Degree Programs

Colorado State University-Pueblo's Division of Extended Studies offers students three undergraduate degree completion programs through traditional correspondence courses: Social Science, Sociology, and Sociology with an Emphasis in Criminology

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Social Science

The study of people and social institutions, especially the relationships and impacts they have with, and on, each other. Social scientists gather and analyze data, interpret it, and make it meaningful and useful for application in dealing with human problems.  As the economy changes from an industrial to a service-oriented system, a greater need for “people oriented” specialists is developing. Job opportunities include program management and administration, residential counseling, service supervision, human services, and sales and related work in both the public and private sectors. Related careers are: teaching, social work, corrections/criminology, social and educational administration, law, and mass communications.

Bachelor of Science in Social Science

Social Science Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the Social Science program, students will:

  • Function as knowledgeable and responsible individual citizens in society.
  • Understand fundamentals of the major disciplinary approaches to the study of social life, including economics, history, sociology, geography, and political science.
  • Comprehend modern social institutions and coming changes and conflicts within those institutions.
  • Demonstrate awareness of and appreciation for the cultural and ethnic diversity of modern society.


The study of human social behavior and is concerned with conditions such as crime and delinquency, family problems, social inequality, and organizations in contemporary industrial society. Sociologists are interested not only in understanding social issues and institutions, but also in resolving social problems.  As an applied program, the major prepares students to work in a wide variety of occupations, including education, government, business, industry, and private human service agencies. They are employed in such areas as health care, youth services, drug rehabilitation, law enforcement, corrections, probation, and counseling. Students may receive a general sociology degree, or they may receive a sociology degree with a general emphasis or a criminology emphasis.

Bachelor of Science in Sociology
Bachelor of Science in Sociology with an Emphasis in Criminology

Independent Study and External Degree Completion Program students are subject to all Academic, Admissions, Registrar's Office, Administrative and Financial Aid policies listed in the University Catalog.

For more information contact the External Degree Program Advisor at: 800.388.6154 or​​​​​

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