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Goals and Standards

The School of Education is a standards-based model of education. Student outcomes are the foundation of the program, upon which the curriculum, instruction, and assessment are aligned and implemented.

Based on its mission to produce teachers of quality and distinction, the school has adopted goals in eight areas. Each goal has been articulated into a series of performance-based standards or outcomes that all students must achieve before completing the program.

Benchmarks, or more specific outcomes, for each standard have been developed as course objectives throughout the program and faculty across campus have organized course requirements and assignments to assure that students can meet these standards at high levels.

Standards are aligned with the Educator Preparation Standards and other requirements of the Colorado Department of Education and Colorado Department of Higher Education. Proficiency in all standards is required for successful completion of teacher education and recommendation for state licensure.


    Goal 1: Community of Learners

    Use democratic principles to create communities of learners that assure positive social interactions, collaboration, and cooperation.


    Goal 2: Content Knowledge

    Create learning experiences that make content knowledge accessible, exciting, and meaningful for all students.


    Goal 3: Diverse Learners

    Create a learning community in which individual differences are respected, appreciated, and celebrated.


    Goal 4: Assessment

    Ensure, through the use of standards and informal and formal assessment activities, the continu​ous development of all learners.


    Goal 5: Pedagogy

    Construct and use pedagogy to maximize the intellectual, social, physical, and moral development of all students.


    Goal 6: Theory to Practice

    Be reflective decision-makers, incorporating understandings of educational history, philosophy, and inquiry, as ​well as the values of the democratic ideal.


    Goal 7: Collaboration

    Create communities of learning by working collaboratively with colleagues, families, and other members. 


    Goal 8: Professionalism and Ethics

    Model the professional and ethical responsibilities of the education profession.

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