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Student Resources

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Curriculum Center

The Curriculum Center is the library of practical materials for the School of Education.

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Teacher Education Association

The Teacher Education Association is the student organization for students in the School of Education.

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Praxis Exams

The Praxis are assessments all candidates for a teacher license must pass.

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The portfolio is submitted to be admitted to the School of Education and also just prior to student teaching.

Fall/Spring Semester Due Dates

Due Date Items Due to main SoE office by 5:00 pm
Last day of week 2
  • Student Teacher Applications (for the following semester)
  • Field Experience Contracts for the current term
Last day of week 7 First Draft of ED 301/560 paper portfolios
Wednesday of week 7 and week 10 Oral Proficiency Exam ( 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.) – Sign-up in SoE Office
Week 10 ePortfolio drop-in workshops held in Technology 230 during Curriculum Lab Hours
Week 11 Field Experience Cooperating Teachers electronic evaluations begin
Monday of week 14 ED 301/560 ePortfolios and the second/final Paper Portfolios
Last day of week 14 Field Experience Logs (Logs can be turned in once the field experience hours have been completed, but not sooner than week 10)
Last day of week 15
  • Current Student Teachers’ Final ePortfolios
  • Next Semesters’ Pre-Student Teaching ePortfolios

Forms and Documents

Admission to Education

  • Faculty Recommendation Form
  • Long Term Planning Form
  • Portfolio Completion Checklist
  • Portfolio Reflections
  • Portfolio Requirements
  • Resume Requirements

Field Experience Forms

  • Assignment of Field Experience Form
  • Field Experience Teacher Lesson Observation Form
  • Field Experience Guidelines & Policies
  • Field Experience Log
  • Informed Consent Form
  • Informed Consent Form (Spanish)

Education Handbooks

  • Cooperating Teaching Handbook
  • Graduate Program Handbook
  • Student Teacher Handbook
  • Teacher Education Handbook
  • Alternative Licensure Handbook 15-16

Lesson Plan Templates

  • Direct Instruction Template (PDF)
  • Direct Instruction Template (Word Document)
  • Indirect Instruction Template (PDF)
  • Indirect Instruction Template (Word Document)
  • Lesson Plan Examples (PDF)
  • Lesson Plan Examples (Word Document)

Student Teaching Documents

ePortfolio & Online Evaluations

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