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These are examples of research projects completed by Colorado State University Pueblo faculty and students (undergraduate and graduate):


    Supervised Student Consulting Projects

    Contact: Michael Wakefield

    Customer Survey, Market Analysis, Marketing Plan

    • Convention Center - Marketing Plan
    • The Big Picture - Marketing Plan
    • McClelland School - Faculty/Parent Survey, Strategic Analysis
    • Best Western Townhouse - Marketing Plan
    • Premac Precision Machining - Marketing Plan
    • St. John Neumann School - Faculty/Parent Surveys
    • Loaves & Fishes - Marketing Plan
    • NeighborWorks - Market Survey, Strategic Analysis
    • Rocky Mountain Vein Institute - Consumer Survey, Marketing Plan
    • Yard Crafters - Market Analysis, Marketing Plan
    • Pueblo West Chamber of Commerce - Market Survey, Marketing Plan
    • Puro Clean - Strategic Analysis, Marketing Plan
    • Habitat for Humanity - Restore - Marketing Plan

    Location Analysis/Event Planning

    • Pueblo Convention Center - Event Plan
    • St. Paul the Apostle Church - Location analysis

    Business Plan/Feasibility Study

    • Eureka Financial - Business Plan
    • Pantaleo Farms - Feasibility study
    • Mexi-Deli - Business Plan
    • Colorado State University-Pueblo Child Care Center - Business Plan
    • Quiet World - Business Plan
    • Biz Kidz of Brazil - Business Plan
    • Tennis Mania - Business Plan
    • Kate's Closet - Business Plan
    • Photo Options - Business Plan
    • Pueblo Athletic Club - Business Plan
    • Doc.1 Solutions - Denver - Business Plan
    • BEDEV - Business plan for a sustainable, community-based, venture capital fund (Part of Pueblo 2010 Commission
    • Bessemer Historical Society - Business Plan for Concessions in Museum
    • Arctic Shooting Supply- Business Plan, Marketing analysis plan for a new product line
    • Hi-Fidelity - Rock Band - Cover tunes, + Spanish - Business Plan
    • Decorating Business - Business Plan
    • Home Automation/Networking - Business Plan
    • County Coroner - Feasibility study for a Medical Examiner Facility and identification of resources to fund building such a facility.
    • Horse Lessons/Horse Ministry & Therapy - Business plan.
    • SDRA - Business Plan. (Senior Resource Development Agency)
    • Bike Rental Business - Business Plan
    • Good Thyme Café Business Plan., Canyon City
    • DOTF Biodiesel - Business Plan
    • Pure Spa - Business Plan

    Strategic Analysis/Financial Analysis

    • Fremont County - Strategic Analysis
    • McClelland School - Faculty/Parent Survey, Strategic Analysis
    • Friendly Harbor - Financial Analysis
    • El Pueblo Investment Corporation (EPIC)- Strategic Analysis
    • NeighborWorks - Strategic and Marketing analysis and plan
    • Historic Pueblo, Inc. - Evaluation of tax structure for buildings in historic areas.
    • CoCreate Strategic analysis and recommendations for a business model for sustainable immigrant centers
    • Grand Slam Sports - Strategic Analysis
    • Ascension Child Care - Strategic Analysis
    • Puro Clean - Strategic Analysis, Marketing Plan

    Human Resource Manual/Operations Manual

    • Quiet World - Operations Manual
    • Pueblo County Department of Housing & Human Services- Policies & procedures manual development, included employee survey
    • Small Business Service Providers Evaluation/Update

    Economic Impact Studies

    Contact Person: Prof. Kevin C. Duncan

    "Colorado State University-Pueblo's Impact on the Local and State Economies."
    Submitted to the Governing Board, Colorado State University Pueblo System, July 2010.

    "Economic Consequences of Building the Black Hills Energy Power Plant in
    Pueblo County with a Project Labor Agreement." Submitted to the Pueblo
    City Council, June 2010. Pueblo PLA Impact-Duncan

    "An Illustration of the Economic Impact of Amendment 61 on the Pueblo
    and El Paso County Economies." Submitted to Action 22, April 2010. Impact Amendment 61

    "The Economic Impact of a Thirty Percent Local Hire Requirement for
    Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transit Construction Projects." Submitted
    to Jackie Cornejo, Research and Policy Analyst, LAANE (LA A New Economy
    for Everyone), February, 2010.

    "The Economic Impact of the Installation and Operation of Wind Energy Towers
    On the Huerfano County Economy" (with undergraduate Z. Singh). Submitted
    to John Galusha, County Administrator, Huerfano County, Colorado, January, 2010. Wind Energy Towers

    "The Economic Impact of Colorado State University-Pueblo International Students on the Local
    Economy" (with 4 undergraduate students). Submitted to Heidi Laino, Assistant
    Director and NSE Coordinator, Center of International Studies, January, 2010.

    The Economic Impact of the Installation and Operation of Wind Energy Towers on the Huerfano County Economy. Submitted to John Galusha, County Administrator, Huerfano County, January 2009.

    Shift-Share Analysis - Cause of Pueblo Employment Change completed by HSB undergraduate students, 2006.
    Shift-Share Analysis

    "Pueblo Motor Sports Park Economic Impact" (with Colorado State University Pueblo undergraduates)
    submitted to Chuck Wingfield, Owner, December 2005 (updated 2006). 2006 Economic Impact Study of Pueblo Motorsports Park

    "Economic Impact of Colorado State Fair Off-Season Events" (with Jay
    Goodman). Submitted to the Colorado State Fair Authority, December 2004.

    "Economic Impact of Colorado State University Pueblo on Pueblo's Economy"
    (with Jay Goodman). Presented to Ronald Applbaum, President, Colorado State University-Pueblo,
    November 2004.

    "Colorado State Fair Economic Impact Study" (with Jay Goodman), submitted to
    the Colorado State Fair Authority, December 2003.

    "The Economic Impact of Local Nonprofits on the Pueblo Economy" (with J. Goodman), Presented to the Pueblo County Board of Commissioners and to the Pueblo City Council, March 2003. The Economic Impact of Local Nonprofits on the Pueblo Economy

    "The Economic Impact of the University of Southern Colorado on the Pueblo Economy" (with Melanie Cecil, MBA student). Presented to the Provost, USC, January, 1999.

    "The Economic Impact of QualMed on the Pueblo Economy". Presented to Malik and Seeme Hasan, June 1996.

    "Regional Economic Impact: Analysis of the 1992 America's Cup Races in San
    Diego". Co-authored with other members of the Economic Research Group of the University of San Diego. Presented to the America's Cup Organizing Committee, May 1990.


    Other Economic Analysis

    Contact: Prof. Kevin C. Duncan


    "A Tuition Sensitivity Study for Colorado State University-Pueblo: Estimates from Regression
    and Conjoint Analysis" (with 5 MBA students). Submitted to VPs of Finance and Administration, Enrollment Management, and Director of Finance, Colorado State University-Pueblo, April, 2010.

    "The Cost of Out-of-State Construction Workers" (with Peter Philips), Submitted to the Hawaii House Finance Committee, Hawaii State Legislature, in support of HB 2736, Relating to Public Procurement. Submitted February 2010.

    "Opportunity for Expansion in Local Real Estate" (supervised undergraduate course project) Submitted to Tom Healy, Jones Healy Real Estate, fall 2003.

    "Trade Area Analysis of Pueblo, CO". Update presented to the Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, March, 2001. Original presented June, 1997 (co-authored with USC undergraduate students). Summarized in the Pueblo Chieftain, May 29, 2002.

    "An Assessment of Pueblo's Ability to Attract Primary Employers" (with Dave Seley and Melanie Cecil, USC MBA students). Submitted to the 2010 Commission of Pueblo, Colorado, May 2000.

    Survey of Pueblo Consumer Confidence. Initiated February 1995. Conducted biannually. Results presented fall and spring in FYI, 1996 to present.

    Indicator of Pueblo Employment. Published in FYI, fall 1996 to fall 2000.

    "Pueblo's Exports and Imports, or Local and State Exports," with J. Goodman, Ph. D. FYI, fall 1999.

    "Area Wage Survey." Presented to Andrew Cornelius, Director of Personnel, Pueblo Bank and Trust, July, 1998.

    "Tourist Conversion Analysis for Pueblo, CO". Presented to the Pueblo Chamber of Commerce, August, 1997 (with Professor Charles Zeis and Jason Trussler, MBA student). Tourist Conversion Study for Pueblo Chamber of Commerce.

    "An Analysis of the Hotel and Lodging Industry in Pueblo, CO". Presented to Todd Pasquin of Southgate Properties in June, 1997 (with Carmenita Lopez, Economics major, USC).

    "Forecast of Blazer Electric Sales" (with Steve Borchert, USC undergrad). Presented to Mike Blazer, September 1996.

    "Demand Estimate for American Medical Response of Pueblo" (Supervised project involving six USC MBA students). Presented to Doug Jones, AMR fall, 1996.

    "Pueblo's Employment Multiplier." Co-authored with S. Borchert, USC undergrad, FYI, fall 1995.

    "Explaining the Growth in Pueblo Employment from 1995 to 2000" (with three undergraduates), FYI, fall 2002. (FYI, the newsletter of the Hasan School of Business, is published biannually and distributed to area business and community leaders).

    "Pueblo's Retail and Service Exports and Imports" (with six undergraduate students) FYI, spring 2002.

    "Pueblo's Trade Area" (with undergraduates: I. Rosales, E. Schmidt and D. Wallace), FYI, spring 2002.

    "Pueblo's Relative Ability to Attract Companies" (with MBA student D. Seley), FYI, spring 2000.

    "Area Wage Survey at the Entry Level for Selected Occupations" (with MBA students M. Cecil, L. Shaw and W. Panich), FYI, fall 1998.

    "Explaining Recent Job Growth in Colorado" (with undergraduates: B. Mueller and Y. Kiuchi), FYI, fall 1997.

    "Pueblo's Trade with Surrounding Counties" (with undergraduates M. Burke, M. Blassi, and J. Crows), FYI, fall 1997.

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