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The Hasan School of Business offers the following minors below. Students wishing to enroll in any Minor program can declare and select the required courses through their PAWS account.




    The Minor in Accounting provides students with an overview of the conceptual basis of accounting application in current accounting practices. 

    As an accounting student, you will learn accounting principles and practices along with methods to develop skills that are useful for problem-solving in many applied settings. Students will gain a strong knowledge of business law, taxation, auditing, business ethics, accounting principles, and much more. 


    The minor in Accounting requires a total of 21 credit hours. 

    Accounting Minor Course Offerings


    Automotive Industry Management

    The Automotive Industry Management (AIM) Minor provides students a comprehensive theoretical foundation to enter the automotive industry. The minor targets students from various academic backgrounds and combines their area of expertise with exposure to hands-on laboratory experiences essential to the industry.

    The curriculum emphasizes personnel supervision, financial analysis, customer relations, warranty administration, sales promotions and techniques of technical problem-solving, service management, marketing, merchandising, and distribution methods used by the automotive aftermarket, automotive manufacturer, and import industries.


    The minor in AIM requires a total of 20 credit hours. 

    Automotive Industry Management Minor Course Offerings


    Business Administration

    The Minor in Business Administration provides students with the theoretical and conceptual basis of business as well as application skills to assume leadership roles in industry, government, and education.

    The knowledge and skills acquired within the business management program can be used in a number of areas, such as human resource and operations management, specialized agriculture/business sector, and information technology.


    The minor in Business Administration requires a total of 21 credit hours. 

    Business Administration Minor Course Offerings


    Computer Information Systems

    The Minor in CIS prepares students to remain at the forefront of the rapidly changing environment in technology and technology-related fields. From computer tools and software applications to the technical expertise needed for survival in the digital age, the Minor in CIS is designed to give CSU Pueblo students a broad exposure to the latest technology developments and trends.

    Through in-depth and hands-on labs and course experiences, students will acquire practical and marketable IT skills that are currently in demand in areas such as data analytics, machine learning, windows, and mobile phone applications and programming, network administration, cybersecurity, IT security risk management, and more.

    Non-CIS majors who wish to minor in CIS have several options. They may build their own minor based on the completion of seven core courses and a minimum of nine credits of 3/400 upper-division CIS courses.


    The Minor in CIS requires a total of 23 credit hours. 

    Computer Information Systems Minor Course Offerings


    Data Analytics

    The Data Analytics minor prepares students across all industries to leverage the power of big data to identify and solve problems and improve decision-making. Students will be on the leading edge of this growing field after completing the program. They will learn a variety of data analytic techniques such as Excel decision-making models, data analytics programming with Python, SQL database management, data visualization with tools such as Tableau, and more advanced technologies such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and deep learning.

    Open to all majors, except CIS majors with a Data Analytics Emphasis.


    The Minor in Data Analytics requires a total of 20-21 credit hours.

    Data Analytics Minor Course Offerings



    The Minor in Economics provides students with the theoretical and conceptual basis of economics. The economics program prepares students for a career in business firms, nonprofit organizations, government banking, financial analysis, and related financial services industries.


    The Minor in Economics requires a total of 21 credit hours.

    Economics Minor Course Offering



    The Minor in Finance provides students with the theoretical and conceptual basis of accounting, economics, statistics, and risk management. The program prepares students for a career in business firms, nonprofit organizations, government banking, financial analysis, and related financial services industries.


    The Minor in Finance requires a total of 21 credit hours.

    Finance Minor Course Offerings



    The Minor in Marketing prepares students with general business knowledge and skills. The program provides students with an understanding of and appreciation for the intellectual discipline needed for the successful completion of a business program. These courses provide students with the common body of knowledge needed for imaginative and responsible citizenship and leadership roles in business and society, domestically and globally. The program designed to provide students with the opportunity to integrate their educational experiences in business within a specific discipline and across disciplines.


    The Minor in Marketing requires a total of 21 credit hours.

    Marketing Minor Course Offerings


    Supervisory Management

    The Supervisory Minor allows students to strengthen their academic resumes in as little as 3 credit hours. Additionally, it provides an educational experience in the areas of organizational behavior and management, two experience components often sought for managerial positions. 

    Students interested in the Supervisory Minor must be enrolled in the Automotive Industry Management Program. Additionally, students must be approved by a program coordinator as successful candidates in the program. 

    This minor is only available to non-Business Management Majors.


    The Minor in Supervisory Management requires a total of 21 credit hours.

    Supervisory Management Minor Course Offerings

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