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The Curriculum Resource Center maintains policies to ensure a conducive and respectful environment for all users. These policies encompass responsible use of resources, emphasizing the importance of treating materials with care and returning them promptly. Users are encouraged to respect the needs and preferences of fellow educators by maintaining a quiet and focused atmosphere within the center. Borrowing policies are in place to regulate the loaning and return of materials, fostering equitable access for everyone.

The center also promotes responsible technology use on its computers, emphasizing the ethical use of software and adherence to copyright regulations during video editing or other digital activities. Additionally, the staff is available to provide guidance on navigating resources and utilizing technology effectively. Overall, these policies aim to create a supportive and collaborative space within the Curriculum Resource Center, ensuring that all users can benefit from its resources in a respectful and efficient manner.

Please review the following items:

  • When working in the center, please work quietly as others may be using the space for study. Study groups are always welcome.
  • Please take personal phone calls into the hallway.
  • Please be aware of all materials' due dates. Return checked-out materials to the green crate on the file cabinet next to the desk.
  • Personal belongings should not be left unattended at any time.

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Curriculum Resource Center

  • Technology, Education, Engineering (TEE)
  • TEE 240
  • John Redmond-Palmer
  • 719.549.2216
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