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Early Arrival Request

  • Submit this form if you must move in at any point before your scheduled move in date.

Private Room Wait List

  • This form is for 2nd year residents, upperclassmen, and transfer students who would like a private room.
  • There is a significant price difference for private rooms. The prorate amount will be applied to your student account at time of move.
  • There are very few private rooms in the building. We will make offers based on the timestamp of the wait list.

Summer 2019 Residence Life and Housing Agreement

  • If you will be a student during the summer complete the application through your PAWS account. 
  • If you are an intern wishing to seek accommodations complete the Summer Intern Application.

Walking Stick Wait List

  • This form is for new and returning students (not first-year students) who would like to reside in Walking Stick Apartments.
  • Walking Stick apartments fill quickly during our room selection process. To be considered for beds that open in Walking Stick, you must complete the 2018-2019 housing application.

Triple Room Wait List

  • This form is for new and returning students who would like to have a triple room.
  • We will give priority based on financial need and time of wait list application.

Single Room Request Form

  • This form is for students requesting to live in a single room.
  • Single rooms are limited and their is a cost difference.

Cancellation and Deposit Return Form

  • This is a form for students who:
    • have signed an academic agreement and will not be returning to Housing or the University
    • have signed an academic agreement and are requesting to be released for the current or next semester
    • have left housing officially and are requesting their deposit back (only applicable to those paying prior to Fall 2018)

Housing Exemption Form

  • This form is for students who:
    • would like to request an Exemption for the Housing Live-in Requirement

Maintenance Request Form

  • This form is for:
    • non-emergency maintenance requests; i.e. broken blinds, light burned out, towel holder broke etc.
    • Contact Residence Life and Housing during the day and your Resident Assistant or Residence Life Professional during the evenings and weekends for Emergency maintenance requests; i.e. door not locking, outlets not working, toilet or sink overflowing etc.

Room Change Request

  • Room changes are not reviewed until the 2nd week of classes.

Housing Application Fee Deferment Form

  • Students may apply to have the application fee deferred to their student account. If accepted the application fee will be put on the students account at the same time that housing charges are applied. Submitting a form does not guarantee deferment. Students will receive an email within 1-2 weeks on whether their deferment was accepted or not.

Office of Residence Life and Housing


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