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Room Information


    Maintenance Request

    Maintenance Request Form
    • This form is for:
      • non-emergency maintenance requests; i.e. broken blinds, light burned out, towel holder broke etc.
      • Contact Residence Life and Housing during the day and your Resident Assistant or Residence Life Professional during the evenings and weekends for Emergency maintenance requests; i.e. door not locking, outlets not working, toilet or sink overflowing etc.

    Check-in Room Condition Report

    All Room Conditions Reports (RCRs) must be completed within one week of moving into the room, either at official move-in or during room changes. RCRs are used to determine charges at checkout. A Checkout RCR should be completed by students within two business days of checking out.

    Check-in RCR for Halls

    Check-in RCR for Apartments



    Checkout Room Condition Report

    A Checkout Room Condition Report (RCR) should be completed by students within two business days of checking out. RCRs are used to determine charges at checkout. 

    Checkout RCR for Halls

    Checkout RCR for Apartments

Housing Account Forms



    Cancellation Form
    • This is a form for students who:
      • have signed an academic agreement and will not be returning to Housing or the University
      • have signed an academic agreement but have not moved in yet and are not bound to the two year live-on requirement


    Housing Exemption Form
    • This form is for students who:
      • would like to request an Exemption for the Housing Live-on Requirement
      • are not bound by the live-on requirement but have moved in and started the housing contract period

    Housing Application Fee Deferment

    Housing Application Fee Deferment Form
    • Students may apply to have the application fee deferred to their student account.
    • If accepted, the application fee will be put on the students account at the same time that housing charges are applied.
    • Submitting a form does not guarantee deferment. Students will receive an email within 1-2 weeks on whether their deferment was accepted or not.

    13-Week or 16-Week Term Selection

    The University has announced that all classes will be online after Thanksgiving Break, November 30, through Fall Finals, December 11th. Since this is a planned change in instruction, Housing has decided to offer term dates for billing related to Fall housing.

    Terms have the same weekly cost but the total bill is decided by the number of weeks indicated. The week of move-in is not considered in billing. Billing-by-week starts on the first day of class. We will not prorate by any other week combination. Student agreements will be adjusted to reflect either a 13-week term or a 16-week term. This selection and updates can be made at We understand that plans change, so we will allow you to change your term selection later in the semester. All changes will be updated and final on Tuesday, December 1, 2020. If you made an update prior to December 1 and need the change reflecting in your student billing account sooner, please email to request the update to be processed sooner.

    The term options are currently only available for the fall semester. The spring semester should be estimated by the full 16-week term. Rates for the terms can be found on our Room Information page.



    Walking Stick Apartments

    Walking Stick Waitlist
    • This form is for new and returning students (not first-year students) who would like to reside in Walking Stick Apartments.
    • Walking Stick apartments fill quickly during our room selection process. To be considered for beds that open in Walking Stick, you must complete the corresponding housing application.

    Single Rooms

    Single Room Request
    • This form is for students who would like a private room.
    • There is a significant price difference for private rooms. The prorated amount will be applied to your student account at time of move.
    • There are very few private rooms in the building. We will make offers based on the timestamp of the waitlist.
    • There are two types of single rooms:
      • Single Room with Private bathrooms - built as single/privates and have a much smaller footprint
      • Single Room with Shared bathrooms - built with a small shared living area
      • Single Rooms with Shared bathrooms that were originally double rooms - larger footprint but has all double furniture

    Triple Rooms

    Triple Room Waitlist
    • This form is for new and returning students who would like to have a triple room.
    • We will give priority based on financial need and time of waitlist application.

Early Arrival, Break, Summer, or Short Stay Request


    Early Arrival

    Early Arrival Request
    • Complete this request if you are an incoming resident for the Fall and will need to move in before official move-in
    • This request must be submitted 72 hours before arriving on campus

    Break Housing

    Links updated at least two weeks prior:

    Thanksgiving Break Stay - No charge but completion of form is required for safety & security purposes

    Winter Break Stay - Nightly charge for residence halls; Charge included in Walking Stick cost but form required for safety & security purposes

    Spring Break Stay - No charge but completion of form is required for safety & security purposes

    May Break Stay (period between spring and summer classes) - Nightly charge for all areas



    Summer Housing

    Summer 2021 Housing Application
    • Submit this form if you are looking to be either a summer student, intern, or student worker
    • Requests are reviewed within one business day of being submitted
    • Communication of application status will be provided to the email listed

    Short Stay Housing

    Short Stay Request
    • This form is for students and interns seeking short-term housing. Short-term housing is similar to a hotel stay, in which you check-in and checkout within a week period
    • Requests are accepted in fall, spring, or summer, as space allows
    • The request form breaks down and cost and options

Office of Residence Life and Housing


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