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Counseling Center

Crisis Services

After Hours and other available resources are:

  • Suicide Prevention Helpline (719.544.1133)
  • Rape Crisis Center (719.549.0549)
  • Parkview Medical Center (719.584.4000)
  • Health Solutions (719.545.2746)
  • YWCA Family Crisis Center (719.545.8195)

Crisis & Emergency Calls

Guidelines for Determining the Level of Response Required for Crisis/Emergency Calls

Emergency calls differ in terms of levels of urgency and steps needed to address them. These guidelines are not exhaustive; they are meant to provide general direction on how to address different kinds of calls. Any individual can contact the Student Counseling Center if they have a situation that is concerning to them. 

If someone is threatening, angry, or violent, please immediately call the Sheriff's Department (911).

  • A person making suicidal or self-harm statements.
  • A person experiencing what may be psychotic symptoms.
  • A person who seems unable to maintain basic functioning.
  • A person who appears inebriated.
  • A person making homicidal statements. 
Many situations can be handled by setting up a regular appointment by calling the Student Counseling Center for scheduling.
  • A student who is feeling lonely or homesick.
  • A student who has experienced a panic attack, but is not feeling overwhelmed.
  • A student who is experiencing high levels of stress, but maintaining basic functioning.
  • A student who is emotionally upset and crying, but maintaining basic functioning.

Registration is Open

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Registration is available for Fall B online – please see course details in Course Offerings. 

Counseling Center

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