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About the Department


The Department of Chemistry has a primary mission of preparing students to develop critical and analytical skills necessary to succeed in their field of study and related areas to prepare students for advanced graduate study.

Each program in the department supports the long-standing interest of our disciplines, and students are consistently motivated and equipped to make meaningful contributions to science.

The department offers a proactive student-faculty advising experience. We have a collaborative department culture, where we like to recognize our student accomplishments and outstanding performance.

We focus on the student; classes are small, facilitating hands-on experience, interactions with faculty, and opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate research.

We encourage students to obtain the degree at various starting points depending on experience. We offer several entry pathways and learning formats. You can complete courses entirely online or in a hybrid format with on-campus instruction.




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Registration is available for Fall B online – please see course details in Course Offerings. 

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