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Industrial Hemp Education and Agricultural Research (InHEAR)

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The InHEAR Program at Colorado State University Pueblo is a USDA-funded program that focuses on hemp agriculture through a STEM-centered curriculum in biology, chemistry, and agriculture. Students can gain knowledge and skills from their coursework, research, and internships in order to enter the hemp agriculture economy. We are committed to providing students with opportunities and support to achieve academic success and prepare for their future careers.

About Us

Internship Opportunities

Through the USDA and partnerships with businesses throughout the country, the InHEAR program offers many internship opportunities for students to gain experience in the field of hemp agriculture.

Course Offerings

The InHEAR program covers three foundational subjects: hemp agriculture, biology, and chemistry. Learn more about specific concentration requirements.                                       

Frequently Asked Questions


    What is Industrial Hemp?

    The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the 2018 Farm Bill, defines ‘hemp’ as a cannabis plant (Cannabis sativa L.) that contains less than 0.3% THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) by weight. Hemp was removed from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances act when the 2018 Farm Bill was enacted. In order to ensure student safety and compliance with state and federal laws, steps have been carried out to ensure that InHEAR students are only exposed to hemp as defined earlier.


    What is the outlook for hemp agriculture, as an industry?

    Hemp food retail sales are projected to increase from 2020-2025, from $67.1 million to $144.1 million, despite currently accounting for less than 1% of plant-based food retail. Production in the US is worth $824 million, projected to increase past $10 billion by 2025, especially due to hemp fiber and grain cultivation.


    What are the career options in Hemp Agriculture?

    • Farming/cultivation
      • Description - What is hemp farming or cultivation? Essentially growing Cannabis sativa at various scales, especially industrial scale.
      • Examples - grower, harvester, cultivation technician
    • Regulation/compliance
      • Description - Hemp is strictly defined by law, thus firms require compliance with state and federal laws in order to ensure the safety of hemp products as well as workers in the industry.
      • Examples - inspector, investigative analyst
    • Research and development
      • Description - Hemp research and development can take place in both public and private sectors, from improving products and yields to finding new uses and/or methods
      • Examples - laboratory assistant, technician, R&D supervisor
    • Production
      • Description - This is making products.
      • Examples - product assembly, management, disposal
    • Sales
      • Description - It’s sales of hemp products, not just CBD oils/products
      • Examples: sales representative, market analysis, distributor

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