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Cannabis Biology and Chemistry, BS

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Program Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Cannabis Biology and Chemistry (CBC) provides students an understanding of basic chemical and biological principles that can be applied to the emerging field of cannabis science. 

Students will understand cannabis physiology and growth, the pharmaceutical implications, and the practical applications for the industry.

Students in the Cannabis Biology and Chemistry Program can specialize in their field of interest through concentration areas in Hemp AgricultureAnalytical and Natural Products.

All areas of concentration prepare students to work in biology labs, chemistry labs, cannabis labs, graduate degrees in Biology or Chemistry, and pursue professional opportunities in natural products, plant chemistry, and cannabis research.

Program Admission

"CSU Pueblo is excited to provide the necessary unbiased, scientific education needed as the cannabis industry expands and becomes more regulated."

- Dr. David Lehmpuhl, Dean of the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Frequently Asked Questions


    What careers could I pursue with this degree?

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook for students completing the degree include the following:

    • Agricultural and Food Scientists
    • Biological Technicians
    • Biochemists
    • Biophysicists
    • Chemical Technicians
    • Chemists and Material Scientists
    • Environmental Scientists and Specialists

    What are the expected student outcomes?

    • Students will understand basic chemical and biological principles applied in these fields and how those principles can be applied to the emerging field of cannabis science.
    • Students will understand cannabis physiology and growth, the pharmacological implications, and the practical applications for the industry.
    • Students will use contemporary instruments and techniques for studying plant biological and chemical processes.
    • Students will develop communication and interpersonal skills to enhance their working relations with co-workers, other professionals, the public and non-governmental organizations.
    • Students will develop skills in reading and interpreting the scientific literature and in presenting a synthesis of it accurately in oral and written form.
    • Students will demonstrate critical thinking and problem solving skills using experimental design and the scientific process.

    What are the advantages of pursuing this degree at CSU Pueblo?

    • Our location in southern Colorado provides a strong agricultural expertise in producing cannabis and cannabis products.
    • A Cannabis Biology and Chemistry program at a Hispanic-Serving Institution like CSU-Pueblo will address the nationwide demand for diversity in employment within the industrial hemp and cannabis industries.
    • The Institute of Cannabis Research (ICR) established at CSU-Pueblo by the state of Colorado in 2016 has enhanced the capability and capacity of CSU Pueblo faculty expertise in cannabis significantly. The international ICR Conference hosted on campus every year has established CSU Pueblo as a major contributor to cannabis science on a world-wide platform, including the launch of a Springer hosted Journal of Cannabis Research. 

    Are career options limited to the cannabis industry?

    The CBC program will prepare students for work in Chemistry, Biology, natural products and other scientific fields as well as allow them to enter graduate school or professional school in any number of areas.

    This degree is highly interdisciplinary and gives students a solid foundation in both chemistry and biology. As a result, students will be able to be competitive in a wide variety of businesses outside of the cannabis industry.

    The degree is flexible enough with elective credits to allow students to gain expertise in business, social science, ethics, public policy or other area that will align with their interests and make them broadly desirable in a post-higher education environment.


    Why study Cannabis Biology and chemistry?

    Educating students who are capable of understanding cannabis science is required for the industry in all its aspects to be effective and safe for the consumer.

    Much like forensic science, cannabis science is basic science applied to a set of specific topics and students with this degree will be employable in any number of science positions and could pursue further education in chemistry, biology or any number of professional fields and would not be limited to just the cannabis industry.


    Will I be able to work with marijuana or high THC cannabis while in this program?

    The degree program is federally compliant meaning that students will be able to work with federally legal industrial hemp for which we have a Colorado Department of Agriculture license but will not be working with marijuana with THC >0.3%.

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