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Internship opportunities

Through the USDA and partnerships with businesses throughout the country, the InHEAR program offers many internship opportunities for students to gain experience in the field of hemp agriculture.

Internship Partners

InHEAR has developed partnerships with the following organizations to give students internship, research, and experiential learning opportunities. Part of our curriculum requires students to take internships with research and/or internships with our partners to get hands-on experience with research in hemp agriculture or to be introduced to aspects of the hemp agriculture industry, such as regulation, products management, and other parts of the supply chain.

We are proud to work with the following organizations:

  • ICR - The Institute of Cannabis Research is housed in CSU Pueblo. ICR is the nation’s first multi-disciplinary cannabis research center at a regional, comprehensive institution. The primary function of the Institute is the generation of knowledge that contributes to science, medicine, and society through the investigation of the benefits and risks associated with cannabis. Research findings are used to translate discoveries into innovative applications that improve lives.
  • IHRF - The Industrial Hemp Research Foundation is dedicated to supporting hemp education and academic research at institutions of higher learning across America. IHRF aims to increase the body of knowledge and raise public awareness of the many known and potential applications of hemp to create jobs, improve living standards, safeguard the environment, and enhance the quality of life for all people.
  • NIFA - The National Institute of Food and Agriculture supports research, educational, and extension efforts in a wide range of scientific fields related to agricultural and behavioral sciences. These include programs in education, business and economics, the environment, farming/ranching, and advanced technologies. 

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