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Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture Internship

The Social Work Department at CSU-Pueblo is proud to announce that we are the first public institution to partner with the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture for Social Work Internship Placements.  Qualified students may complete their field placement in Chicago, Illinois, under the supervision of a social worker through the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture. 

The field placement is conducted during the Spring semester, and students must take SW481, SW482, SW488, and SW489 (16 credits), live full-time in Chicago, complete a separate application for the Chicago Center, and be accepted for placement by the Chicago Center for Urban Life and Culture as well as with the CSU-Pueblo Social Work Field Program.  Please see the Field Coordinator for more information.

The Chicago Center placement is open to all majors.  If you are interested in a placement, please contact the Social Work Chair at (719) 549-2631.  



    Can I do an internship even if I'm not a social work major?

    Yes!  The Chicago Center has a multitude of placements that will be beneficial for many majors.  Please contact the Social Work Chair at (719) 549-2631 if you are interested.

    What does the placement entail?

    You will need to submit an application to the Chicago Center with the application fee.  They will work with you to find a placement that will be interesting and informative for you.  Your total fee to the Chicago Center for the placement (a separate fee from the application) includes room, board, tuition, utilities, internet, and transportation while in the placement.  Students are responsible for their own transportation to and from Chicago.

    When should I apply?

    We recommend you meet with the Social Work Department Chair no later than the Summer or very early (by September) in the Fall semester for placement in the Spring.  You can meet a year or two before you want to be placed, as well!  You should apply to the Chicago Center in the Fall semester before your placement.

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