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About Social Work

A Colorado State University-Pueblo student


The CSU-Pueblo Social Work program is currently offered at two campuses:  Pueblo and Colorado Springs.  The entire social work curriculum is offered at both campuses. Courses in Pueblo are generally offered M-F, 8am-5:20pm at the main campus.  Courses in Colorado Springs are generally offered M-F, 5:15pm-10:15pm at the CSU-Pueblo at Colorado Springs campus.

Mission Statement

“As part of Colorado State University-Pueblo, a regional comprehensive university, the social work program prepares students for beginning generalist practice with diverse client populations across systems of all sizes, including individuals, families, groups, organizations, and communities.”

Program Goals and Objectives

Goal 1 – Provide BSW students with a range of skills, attitudes, and knowledge grounded in social work values and ethics.


  • Students will apply social work values and ethics to social work practice with diverse systems.
  • Students will evaluate the professional use of self in interactions with diverse systems.

Goal 2 – Develop culturally competent professionals who can intervene appropriately in systems of all sizes with emphasis on regional populations.


  • Students will develop culturally competent knowledge, values and skills for beginning level social work practice with diverse systems.
  • Students will demonstrate the ability to practice with diverse populations in a multicultural environment including Chicanos, Mexicans, and American Indians.

Goal 3 – Develop the ability of BSW students to advocate for social economic justice with systems of all sizes.


  • Students will identify factors which impact the attainment of social and economic justice for diverse systems.
  • Students will select and apply appropriate intervention methods to develop and enhance social economic justice across diverse systems.

Goal 4 – Engage BSW students in a process of practice-informed research and research-informed practice.


  • Students will use critical thinking skills to develop knowledge and understanding of research relevant to beginning social work practice with diverse systems.
  • Students will interpret, evaluate and implement relevant research, linking theory to practice, as they engage in beginning level social work practice with diverse systems.


As part of its assessment plan, the Department of Social Work uses the Social Work Education Assessment Project (SWEAP) that is a standardized, national instrument.  The SWEAP is administered during the final field seminar in the very last semester of study.  The content areas covered in this instrument are the 9 competencies required by CSWE to be measured by accredited programs.  The department has administered the Academic Content Achievement Test (ACAT) since 2005, but switched to the SWEAP in 2017 as it appears better aligned to our needs.  The SWEAP does not provide individuals scores, but looks at the total scores and tracks them across time.  The benchmark that the department has set is 50th percentile; no competency score should be less than the 50th percentile, with an aspiration of 70th percentile.

Social Work Assessment Plan 
Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes​​

Social Work Department

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