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Field Practicum

Social work students are required to also apply for admission into the field practicum.  An orientation meeting is scheduled by the Field Coordinator each semester for all students planning to enroll in the field practicum during the next session. 

The Field Manual, which includes the application forms for admission into field, will be distributed and discussed at each fall field orientation meeting with the Field Coordinator.

Field Practicum Admission Requirements

To be formally admitted into the field practicum, students must:

  1. Have completed all requirements for the BSW degree prior to entering the practicum;
  2. Have applied for admission and been accepted into the social work program;
  3. Obtain written approval from academic advisor;
  4. Attend the orientation session. Those unable to attend the meeting must meet individually with the Field Coordinator to obtain the application materials and receive pertinent information to proceed with the practicum placement process;

Field Coordinator’s next steps:

  1. Completed application materials must be submitted to the Field Coordinator.  This includes the advisor's review.
  2. The Field Coordinator will review all submitted application forms and meet with each potential field student.
  3. The Field Coordinator will determine if the student meets the requirements for placement.
  4. The Field Coordinator will meet with each student to discuss his/her eligibility for placement and, if accepted, possible agency placements.  Students not meeting the requirements for placement will be notified of their ineligibility, the reason(s) for their ineligibility, and the corrective measure(s) that must be taken.
  5. The student will contact the selected agency and interview with the agency field instructor and/or representative.
  6. The Field Coordinator will contact the agency field instructor and then meet with the student to discuss the decision for placement.

Additional information about the field practicum is available in the social work program Field Manual.

In accordance with professional and University standards, students may be denied acceptance or withdrawn from the program or field practicum for either academic or behavioral reasons.

Students denied admission into the placement may file a grievance in accordance with University procedures as discussed in the appendices.​​​

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