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Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipends

Child Welfare Stipend

Interested in child welfare? Learn how you could receive stipends during your field experience for doing something you love.

The Child Welfare Stipends Program at Colorado State University Pueblo Department of Social Work provides funding to qualified students to help with educational expenses such as tuition, books, etc. Stipends exist for students and existing county employees in both rural and urban agencies.

Stipends Requirement

BSW Students

Students receiving a child welfare stipends commit to employment in a Colorado Department of Social/Human Services or with a Tribal Nation within Colorado serving child welfare populations following graduation. Students must work at least one year for each year stipend funding is received.

Academic Requirements – Students must successfully complete the entire social work program at CSU Pueblo, and take the following three electives:

  • SW 327 - Child Welfare
  • SW 329 - Rural Social Work
  • SW 341 - Trauma in Social Work

BSW Students receiving stipends must remain in good academic standing throughout their academic careers.

MSW Students

Students may receive a child welfare stipends with the commitment to work in a Colorado Department of Social/Human Services or with a Tribal Nation within Colorado service child welfare populations following graduation.

MSW students who previously received one stipend in their BSW program are eligible to apply for a second stipend.

MSW students who have never received stipends may apply for up to two stipends if in a two-year program.

Field Placements

Recipients who are not currently employed in public child welfare must complete a field placement/internship in a public child welfare setting. Internship opportunities are available with the County Department of Social/Human Services throughout southeastern Colorado. Stipend students attend the Fundamentals of Child Welfare training as a part of their internship. This training better prepares students for work in the field and increases the likelihood of immediate employment after graduation.

Due Dates:

BSW APPLICATIONS are due by November 30 of the year before students enter the field.

MSW APPLICATIONS are due by April 30 of the semester before students enter the field.

Applications are available from Social Work academic advisors, the Social Work Administrative Assistant, the Social Work Department Chair, the Title IV-E Coordinator, and at the links below. 

BSW Stipend Application

Similar programs exist at the following universities:

University of Denver, Graduate School of Social Work, Butler Institute for Families
Lara Bruce: • 303-871-4509 • Website

Metropolitan State University (MSU), Denver
Debbie Ciancio: • 303-615-0851 • Website

Colorado State University (CSU), Fort Collins
Sarah Rudisill: • 970-491-7817 • Website



    What is the application process?

    • Download the application or pick up an application in the office of the Department of Social Work
    • Turn in a completed application by the due date to be considered for stipends in the following Fall semester
    • Once your application is received, it will undergo a review by Social Work Department faculty
      • Those who move forward after the review will be invited to participate in an interview with the Department of Social Work faculty, Colorado Department of Human Services staff, and staff from the County Department of Human Services or Department of Social Services staff
      • Students who move forward after that interview will be offered stipends

    What are my chances of getting a stipend?

    This is a competitive stipends. The number and dollar amount of stipends available are dependent on funding from the Colorado State Legislature.

    In past years, CSU Pueblo has been able to fund about 6-10 Title IV-E stipends each year.


    Do I have to pay back the stipend?

    If you receive stipends, you will agree to be employed with a Colorado County public child welfare agency or a tribal public child welfare agency within 2 months of graduation.

    If you cannot find employment, we can assist you. If you do not obtain employment, or refuse employment, you will have to pay back the stipends.

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