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Child Welfare Stipend

The Child Welfare Stipend:

  • Is designed to increase the number of child welfare workers in the U.S.
  • Can provide up a stipend up to 80% of your tuition cost*
  • Provides an opportunity to complete specialized training to prepare students for an entry-level position with a County or Tribal public child welfare agency
  • Can be used in addition to other financial aid resources
  • Requires additional coursework, specifically:
    • SW327 Child Welfare
    • SW329 Rural Social Work
    • SW341 Trauma in Social Work
  • Students are encouraged to take other related courses, such as abnormal psychology, marriage and family relationships, social psychology, child and adolescent development, case management, public policy, human rights, diversity and ethnicity, or other topics.

*Stipends are always dependent on funds approved through the Colorado Legislature

Students are eligible for the Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipend program when they are ready to take their first year of upper division courses (300-level).  Applications must be received no later than November 1 of each year, and are available through the Department of Social Work and on this webpage, below.  Additional qualifications include:

  • Must be a legal resident, citizen, or eligible to work in the U.S.
  • Must be admitted to the Social Work program
  • Have an interest in child welfare as a career
  • Able to pass a background check (FBI, CBI, etc.)
  • Have a valid Colorado driver's license and insurance
  • Must agree to have a field placement in a County Child Welfare agency
  • Must agree to work for 12 months in a County or a Tribal public child welfare agency.

*Students who are fluent in a language other than English will be given priority for stipends, if all other requirements are met

Application for Title IV-E Stipend



    What is the application process?

    Download the application or pick up an application in the office of the Social Work Department.  Turn in completed applications by November 1 to be considered for a stipend in the Summer or Fall semesters.  Once your application is received, it will undergo review by Social Work Department faculty.  Those who move forward after the review will be invited to participate in an interview with Social Work Department faculty, Colorado Department of Human Services staff, and staff from County Department of Human Services or Department of Social Services staff.  Students who move forward from that interview will be offered a stipend.

    What are my chances of getting a stipend?

    This is a competitive stipend.  The number and dollar amount of stipends available is dependent on funding from the Colorado State Legislature.  In past years, CSU-Pueblo has been able to fund about 6-10 Title IV-E stipends each year.

    Do I have to pay back the stipend?

    If you receive a stipend, you will agree to be employed with a Colorado County public child welfare agency or a tribal public child welfare agency within 2 months of graduation.  If you cannot find employment, we can assist you.  If you do not obtain employment, or refuse employment, you will have to pay back the stipend.
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