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Program Application Process

Admission into the Social Work Program

Admission to the University does not confer admission into the social work program.  Students who have declared a social work major must still apply for admission into the social work program.

Before applying for admission into the social work program, students need to be aware that, almost without exception, social service agencies which meet our requirements for practicum placements during the senior year now require background checks as well as alcohol and drug testing at the student's expense.  These are the policies of social service agencies throughout this area, not Colorado State University-Pueblo or Department of Social Work policy.  A criminal history may limit or prohibit a student's ability to obtain a field placement as well as limit or prohibit employment in social service agencies following graduation with a BSW degree.

It is recommended that students who have concerns about undergoing a background check, discuss their situation with the Chair of the Social Work Department or their advisor to determine the feasibility of continuing in the social work program before completing the process of admission into the program.

Minimum Program Admission Requirements

To be formally accepted into the social work program, the student must:

  1. Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 and a minimum GPA of 2.5 in required social work and social work-required courses;
  2. Complete the requirements as identified in the Application for Admission into the Social Work Program including:
    • A current unofficial transcript from each institution attended (community college and four-year college/university) unless otherwise requested; and
    • Two letters of reference, which may include volunteer work supervisor, employers, former employers and previous instructors at college/universities (limit of one) other than CSU-Pueblo Social Work professors.  References from family members, fellow students, and friends will not be accepted.
  3. Submit the completed materials to the Department of Social Work Administrative Assistant on the Pueblo campus in the General Education Building, room 310A. 
    Colorado State University-Pueblo 
    Social Work Department
    Administrative Assistant 
    2200 Bonforte Blvd., Pueblo, CO  81001
  4. Have application for admission to the program reviewed and approved by the faculty.

Completed application materials for admission into the program are to be submitted no later than November 1st for the upcoming Spring and Summer semesters and no later than April 1st for the upcoming Summer and Fall semesters.  Incomplete or late submissions may be deferred to the next application date for consideration (which may impact entrance to 300 level courses, field eligibility and/or proposed graduation date).

Admission Procedures into the Social Work Program

  1. Copies of the application for admission to the social work program will be distributed and explained in SW 202, 205, and 222 courses.  Application forms are available from the social work program Administrative Assistant on the CSU-Pueblo Campus (General Classroom building, room 310) or at the bottom of this page.
  2. Following review by social work faculty, one of the following decisions will be made:
    • Formal acceptance into the social work program;
    • Conditional acceptance into the program; or
    • Denial of admission into the program.
  3. The Social Work Department Chair will notify each student in writing of his/her acceptance status.  Reasons for conditional acceptance or denial of admission into the program will be identified in the letter, as well as corrective actions that must be taken.  When corrective action has been completed, reviewed, and approved, conditional acceptance into the program will be revised to acceptance into the program.  For students initially denied admission into the program, reapplication may be made after corrective action has been taken.  Students dissatisfied with the decision for admission into the program may proceed with a grievance, in writing, to the Social Work Department Chair.  If agreement is not achieved at this level, the grievance can proceed through the University's grievance procedures (Appendix B).
  4. Students who have been denied admission into the program will not be allowed to enroll in upper division (300/400) level social work courses.

The Core course requirements for Social Work includes SW301, Professional Writing.  Students who believe they understand APA 7th edition format rules and professional case management documentation MAY apply to waiver the course and substitute an appropriate upper division Social Work course.  Applications for the waiver and instructions are located below.

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