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Engineering Technology, Construction, and Automotive Industry Management (ETCAIM)

Civil Engineering Technology

The major in civil engineering technology leads to a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering Technology (BSCET) Degree. The major is designed to produce civil engineering technologists who (a) are capable of performing engineering surveys, (b) can perform standard analysis and design of elements of structures, water systems, and transportation systems, (c) are capable of conducting standard laboratory and field tests for construction materials and soils, and (d) are competent to function as construction project managers. This program is accredited by the Technology

Construction Management

Construction Management combines the art and science of building technology with essential principles of business, management, computer technology and leadership. Construction Management involves the planning, scheduling, evaluation, and controlling of construction resources and activities, with optimize project cost, schedule, quality, and owner’s satisfaction.

Automotive Industry Management

The major in automotive industry management leads to a Bachelor of Science (BS) Degree with a business administration minor and is designed to prepare students for automotive industry management careers by providing management skills, supported by the business and technical background requisite for success in the automotive industry. The curriculum emphasizes personnel supervision, financial analysis, customer relations, warranty administration, techniques of technical problem-solving, service management, marketing, merchandising and distribution methods used by the automotive aftermarket, automotive manufacturer and import industries.

College of Education, Engineering, and Professional Studies

Faculty and Staff

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