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Department of Mathematics and Physics


Part of the College of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Physics at CSU Pueblo! The field of mathematics and physics is enormous, with many subfields. The program provides students with many career and educational opportunities. Whether your passion is in teaching, working in industry, or pursuing graduate school, we have a major track for you.

Undergraduate Programs


Mathematics, BA/BS

This program exposes students to the core mathematical disciplines of calculus, abstract algebra, analysis, modeling, differential equations, geometry, probability, and statistics. We offer an emphasis in Secondary Education.

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Physics, BS

This program prepares students to think critically and logically and use scientific methods for future investigations. There are two emphasis areas available in Secondary Education.


Math/Physics Double Major, BS

This program combines the study of mathematics and physics, integrating the experimental approach to physics and mathematical exploration.



Computational Mathematics

This minor combines the study of computer science with applied mathematics, so students may use computational tools to analyze data and construct mathematical models of physical systems.



This minor provides students with a strong foundation in mathematical analysis and complements many STEM majors.



This program exposes students to a comprehensive knowledge of the fundamental theories, concepts, and skills necessary in physics.



Data Analytics

This program is for degree-seeking students as well as individuals working in data-intensive sectors who need to better understand quantitative data analytics, including how to implement powerful machine-learning techniques.

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Department of Mathematics & Physics

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