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Transfer Students

Students wishing to transfer into the Social Work major should apply to the University and send their official transcript to the Admissions office. Students transferring from schools other than Pueblo Community College or Pikes Peak Community College will have their transcripts evaluated by the Department Chair for any social work courses or other required courses for the social work major.

Social Work courses from a CSWE-accredited program will be accepted into the social work major but may come in as electives.

Students may transfer into the major at any time, even without an Associate’s degree. However, CSU Pueblo has developed an articulation agreement with Pueblo Community College and Pikes Peak Community College for transfer of specific courses into the Social Work major.

Students who transfer in from the community colleges may be able to finish their social work degree at CSU Pueblo by transferring in 60 credits from the community colleges and completing 60 credits at CSU Pueblo.

Transferring from Pueblo Community College or Pikes Peak Community College?

Students transferring from one of the local community colleges are able to take advantage of the articulation agreement between that institution and CSU Pueblo. Students should try to take at least the following courses before transferring:

  • SW100 Introduction to Social Work
  • SW201 Human Behavior in the Social Environment I
  • SW202 Human Behavior in the Social Environment II
  • SW205 Social Welfare History in the U.S.
  • SOC101 Introduction to Sociology
  • PSY101 General Psychology I
  • BIO105 Science of Biology
  • A political science or economics course

In addition to the courses listed above, the Social Work major requires a few other courses. These can be completed while students take their upper-division courses, or they can be completed prior to the application for admission to the major:

  • ETH 224 Introduction to Chicano Studies
  • A Women’s Studies course (usually, WST 200 Introduction to Women’s Studies)
  • MAT 135 Introduction to Statistics

One of the core social work courses, SW301 Professional Writing in Social Work, can be waived using the SW301 Waiver process. Students who believe they understand APA 7th edition format rules and professional case management documentation MAY apply to waiver the course and substitute an appropriate upper-division Social Work course. Applications for the waiver and instructions are located below.

SW301 Course Wavier Instruction

Our advisors are more than happy to meet with you to discuss your academic progress. Students wishing an appointment in Pueblo should call 719.549.2631.  Students wishing an appointment at our Towers Campus in Colorado Springs should call 719.442.2264.

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