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Military Scholarships

CSU-Pueblo Online Military Scholarship

  1. Eligible Students
    • Active Duty military members and their dependents. Students may be undergraduate or graduate status.
  2. Eligible Courses
    • All online courses, both undergraduate and graduate level, offered through CSU-Pueblo Online within the Division of Extended Studies.
  3. Scholarship Information
    • Scholarship is $35 per credit.
    • Scholarship is applied to the account of eligible students who take eligible courses.
    • Enrollment in eligible courses is confirmed prior to disbursement of scholarship.
    • If students drop courses after scholarship has been disbursed, students are responsible for repayment of the scholarship.
  4. Application Information
    • Eligible students must complete the Military Scholarship Application.
    • Applications must be submitted each academic year.
    • Applications are due no later than the first day of courses for the term requested. Scholarship cannot be applied to previously-enrolled courses.
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