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Library Instruction Program


The Library Instruction Program's mission is to support the campus community in using library resources and encouraging the development of information literacy. We collaborate with teaching faculty to facilitate learning and information-seeking abilities appropriate for all levels of scholarship and research by integrating principles of critical reflection and student-centered pedagogy.

Student Learning Outcomes

Through library instruction, students should be able to:

  • Identify library services for study, research, and collaboration
  • Differentiate and employ various research tools and methods to address complex research questions
  • Develop and refine search strategies within appropriate information retrieval systems to find meaningful results
  • Make deliberate and informed choices about when and how to use information
  • Recognize the academic, legal, economic, and social factors in the production, access, and use of information

Guiding Agencies

Association of College & Research Libraries

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Sample Instruction Modules

Library instruction is most effective when it is integrated with students’ research assignments. Below is a sampling of some of the modules we’ve developed. It is not a comprehensive list; we are willing and able to make modifications or create new modules based on instructor and student needs.

  • Analyzing and Navigating Scholarly Articles
  • Comparing Scholarly and Popular Writing
  • Key Library Services
  • Searching Across Multiple Databases

Information for Faculty

Library Instruction at CSU-Pueblo often consists of a single class visit, though we have also visited classes multiple times. In making your requests, please specify how many class sessions you would like. When incorporating library instruction into a course curriculum, consider pairing it with a specific assignment or aligning it with specific course outcomes. Additionally, you might plan to:

  • Consult a librarian about the assignment. Librarians will work with you to design an appropriate assignment and select the best resources for student research.
  • Request instruction sessions early. To ensure the library can arrange lab space and necessary materials, please make your instruction requests at least one week in advance.
  • Assign meaningful library exercises. Asking students to locate specific items lacks a clear purpose, teaches students little about researching, and can frustrate students and librarians alike.
  • Direct students to a variety of resources. When an entire class has the same assignment, certain resources may be difficult to access. If the whole class will be using a particular source or set of sources, please put the source(s) on reserve

Information for Area High School Teachers

The CSU-Pueblo Library will work with teachers and students to provide help using the University's Library to promote collaboration between area high schools, their media centers, and the CSU-Pueblo Library. Our objectives include:

  • Contributing to the success of student research
  • Instructing students in information literacy skills in anticipation of their successful transitions from high school to college
  • Encouraging positive student attitudes toward academic libraries
  • Promoting CSU-Pueblo and higher education

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Research Help Desk, 2nd Floor

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