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History Minor

This minor is designed to provide students with an understanding of how historical events impacts today’s society.

As a history student, you will gain a strong ability to conduct historical research, including historical analysis and interpretation of the past. 


The History minor is open to all majors.


The Minor in History requires a total of 21 credit hours. 

History Minor Course Offerings

Homeland Security Minor

Students in the Homeland Security program will be able to demonstrate knowledge of intelligence and counter-intelligence concepts; legal and constitutional principles pertaining to homeland and national security policy; strategic planning interfaces between federal, state, and local governments; conceptual aspects of terrorism and counter-terrorism; and understand basic inter-agency communication needs, methods, and processes.


Students will be able to construct, compose, and deliver professional reports, research, and briefings.


The Homeland Security minor is open to all majors. 



The Minor in Homeland Security requires a total of 18 credit hours. 

Homeland Security Minor Course Offerings

Philosophy & Religious Studies Minor

Who or what am I? How do we know what we know? What is the meaning of life? Is there a higher power? If so, how does this higher power influence our lives? Is there a moral “right” and “wrong”? How should I live my life? How should we order our society?

Through the minor in Philosophy and Religious Studies, students will explore answers to these questions and more, which have occupied the minds of scholars through all of humanity. Students tackle the “big questions” of life, creation, knowledge, and society through an array of historical perspectives and cultural traditions. They also learn the ability to reason logically as well as write and argue persuasively. Moreover, our courses actively encourage applying philosophical ideas and methods to students’ majors and professional interests, be they law, policy, business, engineering, health, or any other field. With the minor, not only will students be more critical and contemplative in their everyday lives, they will be better prepared to excel wherever their career takes them.

With the Philosophy and Religious Studies minor, students tackle the “big questions” through one of two tracks. In the Philosophy track, students will study the great thinkers, from Plato to the present, across Western and non-Western intellectual traditions. The Religion track has students understanding the tenets, history, and impact of Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, and other religions across cultures. With ample room for electives, both tracks allow students to tailor the minor to meet their interests. 

The Philosophy & Religious Studies minor is open to all majors. 



This Minor requires a total of 18 credit hours. 

Philosophy & Religious Studies Minor Course Offerings

Political Science Minor

Our program provides students with a basic understanding of American politics and policies as well as courses designed to enhance critical thinking, analytic skills, improve research practices and communication skills, both oral and written.


The Political Science minor is open to all majors. 



The Minor in Political Science requires a total of 21 credit hours. 

Political Science Minor Course Offerings

Veteran Studies Minor

This minor is designed for all students, both those who wish to work with the veteran population and those who wish to reflect on the veteran experience. It aims to help students develop an appreciation for and understanding of the context of military experience.


The Veteran Studies minor is open to all majors. 



The Minor in Veteran Studies requires a total of 21 credit hours. 

Veteran Studies Minor Course Offerings

Students wishing to enroll in any Minor program can declare and select the required courses through their PAWS account.

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