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Establishing Services

Students with disabilities admitted to the University are encouraged to meet with us to discuss your needs. We will discuss the barriers you experience, reasonable accommodations to address the barriers, and your next steps. The process to establish support is simple:

  1. Complete the appropriate Application for Accommodations (below). The application gathers initial information to establish your need for support.
  2. Schedule an appointment to meet with Disability Resources. During the meeting, the Disability Resources Access Coordinator gathers additional information about your request and shares existing University resources meant to support your needs.
  3. Follow up with Student. After the Disability Resources Access Coordinator reviews the case, they will follow up with notice to the student's University email.

We know that questions, challenges, and concerns may arise. We are happy to answer any follow-up questions. The sooner students contact us to address a concern, the more time there is available to resolve it.

Types of Accommodations


    Academic/Classroom Accommodations

    Some examples of academic accommodations includes but are not limited to:

    • Modified testing, such as additional time or an alternative environment
    • Alternative textbook/course material formats, such as PDF, audio, or Braille
    • Notetaking Assistance, such as the use of audiorecordings or other technology
    • ASL interpreting
    • Course attendance flexibility

    Housing & Dining Accommodations

    Due to the effects of a disability, some students may require some type of housing accommodations. Our office works in conjunction with Residence Life & Housing and Dining Services to provide students with housing and dining adjustments that meet their accessibility needs.

    Students who are seeking a housing accommodation need to meet with Disability Resources to discuss possible accommodations. Requests for housing adjustments will be reviewed by a Housing Accommodation Review Committee; once a determination has been made, Disability Resources will notify the student of the outcome.


    Support Animals on Campus

    CSU Pueblo does not allow animals in campus buildings and sports complexes. There are exceptions for service animals and, on occasion, emotional support animals when necessary for disability reasons. For additional information, please review CSU Pueblo’s policy:


    Temporary Accommodations

    Temporary health impairments such as injuries, surgeries, or acute illnesses may not qualify as permanent disabling conditions, but may still be disabling and require adjustments. Potential accommodations for temporary health impairments may include (but are not limited to):

    • Attendance/homework due date leniency
    • Note taking assistance (audio recorder, copy of classmate’s notes)
    • Exam accommodations (extra time, scribe, use of computer for essays)
    • Accessibility of the classroom

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