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The Disability Resource and Support Center (DRSC) wants to ensure your concerns are heard and that you have the information to report those concerns.

Grievance/Complaint Options


    DRSC Student Grievance Process

    The DRSC has the responsibility of determining a student’s need for classroom-based accommodations for those enrolled in coursework. The determination is made based upon the following guidelines:

    • Submission of disability related documentation per DRSC documentation guidelines;
    • Review of documentation;
    • The Welcome Meeting during which any accommodation requested are discussed; and
    • The student’s request for accommodation(s).

    If the DRSC determines a student is eligible for accommodations, the DRSC Director works with the student on an individual basis to ensure reasonable accommodations are implemented.

    If the student believes the accommodation(s) provided are not reasonable, the below listed procedure has been developed to assist the student in the grievance process. The goal is to resolve concerns quickly and at the lowest level. Students may engage in this grievance process without fear of retaliation. Note: All timelines may be waived or adjusted if agreed to by both parties if it will serve to resolve the dispute.

    • Step 1: The student meets with the DRSC Director to informally resolve the student’s concern. 
    • Step 2: If the student’s concern is not resolved at Step 2, the student needs to complete the Student Formal Complaint Form and make an appointment with the University’s ADA Coordinator within five (5) working days of the final outcome of Step 1. The ADA Coordinator will review the DRSC Grievance Form and any relevant documentation. Following the meeting, the ADA Coordinator’s decision will be made in writing within ten (10) working days.

    University Student Complaint/Concern Resolution Process

    If the student's concern involves something other than the accommodations process, they may engage in the Student Complaint/Concern Resolution Process. For assistance with the process, students may contact the Office of Student Affairs.

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