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Program History

The Honors program dates to the 1980s led by John Ryan, an Education Professor. The program was organized around core required classes and the option existed for students to take non-honors courses for honors credit with additional work. Gayle Berardi, a Political Science professor, took over the program in 1996 when it was revamped to include freshman and senior seminars. The program had several honors courses in departments across campus. It also published student research and a guide to success at CSU-Pueblo.

The program that we know now was re-introduced to the CSU Pueblo community in the fall of 2011. It has introduced countless students to new experiences and helped them expand their knowledge. The program continues to grow including more course offerings and activities for students to engage with fellow intellectuals. The program strives to make leaders at the university. Students not only find a place among other scholars, but lasting friendships.

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